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    Hello Greg,

    I found some tiny things to fix in GT6, tested on gregtech_1.7.10-6.07.13.jar :

    1) i discovered that i can use only wooden bucket for creosote (iron buckets are not working), seem strange for me ;) (and in NEI there is only creosote wooden bucket)

    2) I'd like to use moon turf dust to produce my helium, but i found no receipe in the NEI to process moon turf to moon turf dust. Maybe it's just NEI, i didn't try all my machines ;)

    3) i like your new battery system, i'm just a little sad that lithium is useless now as i processed lot of it . Today there are many lithium batteries ;) (maybe it's in your roadmap already).

    4) in previous version of GT you had different level of solar power, do you intend to code other solar power pannels? Or other power generation system like the old naquidah maybe or someting like fusion plant héhé?

    Anyway great thanks for your amazing work! GT6 is my favorite mod.


    I have some quick power questions on GT6, just to know if i misunderstood something or if it's a bug ;)

    1) I made a HV battery box (the big one) to feed my HV electrolyzer, linked with GT 2x gold wires. Then i start to process clay dusts and then i see some things :

    - the process needs 200 312 GU, and the 512 000 EU battery is enough for only 1 batch where i should do 2 f them...

    - if i put many batteries in the battery box and one of them is empty, the electrolyzer begin to blink and reset the batch process, if i remove the empty battery from the batterybox all works fine again. (this setup worked fine on GT5 so i suspect something abnormal here)

    2) second thing is more IC2 linked i suspect. I have a CESU and then a IC2 transformer to feed my 32EU GT devices. If i connect a single machine to the transformer all works fine. If i connect a second one both begin to blink and reset all the time. But transformer is fed by 128EU/t and deliver only 64EU/t ...

    Thanks for your help ;)


    Yesterday we found a gregtech dungeon with my wife. Inside only 1 creeper to guard it LOL. But i think there is too much loot, we brang near 4 stacks of stainless steel (plates, dusts, crates, and chests and other stuff that we can smelt). It's a little unbalanced for now i think ;)

    Eyballs29, about crystallization i'l agree. It's should be hard but iridium is not realistic as i don't think that intel or samsung have lot of iridium on earth héhé ;) (i did it faster than distillation tower héhé so it's possible)

    (ahhh nostalgia, i remember the 1st UFO where iridium was just am amazing power supply ;)

    Look at the Tooltips of the Wires. They clearly state that you can craft them shapelessly with X Amounts of them being used. They use the same thing that the "9 Nuggets -> 1 Ingot" Stuff uses in order to reduce Crafting Lag.

    Ok, but i think it's a little sad to allow to craft it like this :)

    (to be honest i think players check only NEI receipes and don't care about tooltips. Yeah i know it sucks but users are users héhé )

    I just want to thanks Gregorius to have nerfed CESU and MFE like stuff. With old IC2 receipes there was some unbalanced cheats on this ones ;)

    Just an info, even if there is no receipe we can still make 2x wires by putting 2 of the side by side in the crafting table. The NEI show that we need a wiremill so maybe it's not totaly disabled ;) (tested on 6.05.46 but i saw nothing in the changelog about this ;)

    I'm agree with Greg, we need to think. We need challange ;) I suffered for weeks to build my disillation tower and the crystallization crucible but it worth it.

    In my personnal modded server, i setuped AE to spawn meteors only on some other planets (thanks to advanced rocketry). Like this powerfull AE stuff is really endgame now.

    Thanks for reading



    I read many comments about stainless steel and for me the worst part is not to find the chrome (but maybe the manganese). The hardest part (and longest) is to smelt everything to stainless steel with the crucible... For a machine it's ok, but the distillery is really a pain in the ass to make. I need it only to make small amount of plastic to do some basic circuits ... ;)

    Is there a way or a futur machine to create alloys (like the old GT5 alloy smelter)?

    Is there a way to find or make small amounts of plastic to not have to rush for this huge distillery? Maybe with a coagulator like machine?

    (i want to be GT compilant so i don't want to add other mods just for plastic héhé)

    Just a comment, is it possible to hide all receipes based on mods that are not installed? For exemple i loss some time to figure how to make fiery blood ... when i have not twilight forest LOL (OK my fault). Or maybe add receipes for missing stuff ;)

    Thanks for reading ;)

    Arboretum? you mean the Tree Farm thingy? No there is no GT6 Tree Farm yet.

    Nope, IC2 no longer needed, but still compatible mostly.

    Look up the Log Files, there is a Player Activity Log File that shows all the leftclicks and rightclicks that have been done ingame, since last server reboot. Just search for the coordinates of the exploded thing.

    Great! thanks for quick answer ;)

    Do you recommand to continue to use IC2 or not at all? (i think about basic generator for exemple)

    Hello Everybody,

    I haven't play for 5 months and i know that many things changed. I'll build a new server base on GT6 and many other mods so i need some light intel.

    I remember to read something about integration of advanced rocketry, this is good as silicon boule for exemple unbalanced the game.

    Is there a way to replace forestry arboretum by a GT machine to produce some wood?

    Is IC2 still mandatory or GT can be autonomous ;) ?

    An interesting object for multiplayer would be a blackbox that doesn't unspawn and explain why a machine exploded and last user to use it to know who to blame for the accident ;)

    Thanks ;)


    My next goal is to build the huge multiblock distillery tower to get some plastic. I need a crazy amount of stainless steel for this. I have the needed dusts but i want to ask if you have some tips to make the process easier.
    To be honest i doubt i'll have 20 hours to wait near my crucible to handle this manually. I have 1 smelter (only 1 as tungsten is had to get from lava).
    So, if you have some tips with smelter/mixer/drums or something like this i'd be gratefull ;) (allow smelter doesn't exists anymore in GT6)

    My best regards


    I'll soon need to craft circuit plates, but for this i need plastic sheet that depend on minefactory reloaded (i have not this mod for now, and if possible i'd prefer not install it).
    Is it normal? Do i really need distillation tower for basic plastic? (just to be sure i missed nothing)
    GT 6.04.01 (i sow nothing in the changelog about plastic)

    Thanks for reading me ;)

    ...Sluicing doesn't use KU and doesn't require 32 RU/t. It requires 16 RU/t. Which is what you can get from that boiler.

    The power requirement for a recipe depends on the recipe. Most of the time, that isn't the midpoint value for the machine tier. A lot of recipes are 16 GU/t (for whatever form of power they use).

    Hi, according NEI sluice need 32RU/t. and it works with less. Centrifuge need the same but don't work with same power than sluice...

    Again, enough power isn't the only problem. You can also have too much power and that will stop things just as well. Too much or too little RU will stop the machine, too much or too little steam will stop the turbine.

    Unless you've got a really big pipe system problem, using a less powerful steam boiler/burner setup should run your machine just fine. Mine runs on a single bronze boiler. (My other bronze machines use a pair of invar ones.)

    Thanks, it works with small bronze boiler but it's not logik as i supply only half of the needed steam to produce the requested 32 KU/t...

    I tryed with an invar turbine, the sluice blink faster but doesn't process the ore :(
    Even if i loss a little power with heater i should have more than enough power to feed my sluice ... so i'm confused here :(
    Yes i can get some sodium or potassium from other ores but they look like rare, i never found one on my server so i study other ways ;)

    Hello Everybody,

    1) I try to figure out why my sluice is not working. I have titanium burning box and boiler, steel turbine and bronze sluice. The sluice blink as if underpowered but it should have more than enough RU/t. (water and items are connected. 96HU=>192 steam=>64RU (even with loss i should have the needed 32RU/t)).
    I tryed to disconnect steam pipes to get high pressure on boiler and reconnect it, sluice blinked the same.
    For test about overpowered i used same setup in creative mode on local world with tier 2 sluice with same result. What did i miss?

    2) what is the best way to make aluminium. I dont find sodium ore nor potassium ore (and i can't transform salt to sodium as no aluminium means no eletrolyzer héhé). What are the layers for this ores?

    Thanks for your help 8)

    Quoted from "choum33"

    Hi Greg, i use industrialcraft-2-2.2.821-experimental.jar
    As i remember all worked fine with GT 6.03.41 ;)

    => fixed after server restart, maybe just a small glitch ;)

    Hello Everybody,

    My wife reqested that i add mariculture to my server, but it unbalance early game.
    So i tryed to replace mariculture silicon by GT6 silicon plates with minetweaker.
    I searched for hours on the net and didn't find a working solution.
    I added MTUtilsGT.

    And tryed different syntaxes:
    import mods.MTUtilsGT;
    recipes.addShaped(<Mariculture:crafting:8>, [[<ore:plateSilicon>, <ore:plateSilicon>]]);
    MTUtilsGT.addCustomRecipe(<Mariculture:crafting:8>, [[<ore:plateSilicon>, <ore:plateSilicon>]]);

    the same with :
    MTUtilsGT.addCustomRecipe(<Mariculture:crafting:8>, [[<gregtech:gt.meta.plate>, <gregtech:gt.meta.plate>]]);
    recipes.addShaped(<Mariculture:crafting:8>, [[<gregtech:gt.meta.plate>, <gregtech:gt.meta.plate>]]);

    I think that i miss a detail, can you help me?

    PS: GTTweaker worked only for GT5 as i understood

    Hello everybody,

    Today we can use some boilers to power one engine for exemple.
    Is there a way to use many engines or motors to power one machine?

    Today we can use pipes to move steam between rooms and cables to move EU between room.
    Is the a way to move KU or RU with kinetic like pipes? gears? or some other items?
    (i like to have power generation underground and machines in the basement ;)

    Thanks ;)