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    I have the same problem Dekker had. :(

    It says:
    Forge Mod Loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation
    A mod sorting cycle was detected and loading cannot continue
    ...and more
    It mentions about the Buildcraft silicon, buildcraft factory, bc energy, bc core...

    It happened right after I updated my GT6 version to the newest version.
    I did check other mods' updates, and I am playing my customized mod pack in Curse(FTB).
    It works perfectly fine if I remove gregtech and play.
    I can't understand Gorilla's reply because of language, so.... ?(

    Edit: ultrasn0w's ForgeMultipart file made me happy again :)
    Thank you those who try to help me (I'm sorry that I didn't really see any other replys except Gorllia's)

    How can I see the meltiing point of crucible? I know it is more than the melting point of the original ore, but there is no label for it.
    I checked changelog which said right click on the crucible, and it didn't work.
    Can thermometer show it? Is there a way to see it from tooltip?

    Also, how does "Quotes" in this message work? I can't find any button to insert quotes from others.
    I can't find any button to insert quotes from others. I can only see empty, blank box under the Quotes box.

    Thank you'all for advices.

    Bear, I did see your RC boiler, so I'll try that when I can get that many irons. :)
    Also, I don't think there is aluminium ore in Bauxite vein. (maybe there was in earlier version) :S

    HanakoCZ, I really think it is cheaper and better than bauxite and others. :D

    I think electrolyzer requires too much eu/t for many dusts.
    For example, Bauxite dusts have tier of 624eu/t. I think it isn't easy to get generators that can generate 100eu/t.
    Assuming that aluminium is main material for low tier machines and it can't be smelted from bauxite, 600eu/t(not just 600eu) is too much.

    I suggest you to make tiers like 1,2,3,4, 5 for dusts or others and give each tier have same amount of eu/t or eu.
    For example, if bauxite dust is tier 2, it needs 64eu/t as same as other tier 2 dusts.(simply making it constant)

    I don't mind if you don't like my idea, but I want you to know that electrolyzer is using too much eu comparing to IC2 machines.

    PS if electrolyzer now is actually in good shape , then would you tell me a good way to generate EU, enough amount to run it?

    I have some errors in my book of alloy. For example, for 2 cupronickel I need 0 annealed copper and 0 nickel.
    There are several more errors. I think annealed copper, carbon, calcite, deep iron, etc. are causing problems.
    Is it meant to be like this,or is there way to fix it?

    I got purified diamond ore somehow and tried it on my sifter.
    I knew that I needed 32KU in order to use most of bronze machines, so I made a titanium steam engine.
    Then I thought that I need more steam power for my steam engine, so I made 2 bronze steam boiler(second picture)

    Well I thought everything was set, and I ignited both of my buring box for steam boiler.
    I put my purified diamond ore in sifter. The sifter had little glitchy looking motions.
    In GUI, the processing bar? blinked constantly not really moving.

    I cut the pipe for more pressure in the boiler for more power and conneted it again.
    The bar did barely moved to the end, but nothing really came out.
    I lost 1 of my purified diamond when the machine started.

    I am concerned about the EU marking on the NEI recipe although I can't do anything about EU yet.
    What is wrong with my machine set?
    (1st picture is just my GUI and 2nd picture is my machines.)

    I'll check small diamond ores, but I can only get diamond in original form when I crush a diamond ore with my titanium hammer.

    Is there any other way to get exquisite or flawless diamond using tools or machines that doesn't require diamond plate on regular diamond?

    This time I am stuck with diamonds. :S
    I want to make a crusher, but I need 2 diamond plates to make it.
    The problem is that I cannot get diamond plate because the machines that can make diamond plate or crushed diamond requires diamond plates.
    I did look up all of the recipes in NEI for diamond plate, dust, and crushed ones.

    I'm so close to rubber. I need help please. ;(

    I am sorry to bother you about chromium so much, but it will be the last questions.

    You told me that I can get chromium from crushed ruby, but I can only get ruby ore amd regular form of ruby using picaxe and hammer.
    I don't know if I need sifter(which I already tried but didn't work) or other machine for crushed ruby.
    I didn't try electrolyzer because I can't make generator for EU without rubber.

    I just want you to answer me as {there is a way to make crushed ruby}, {no crushed ruby doesn't work}, {there was problem}, or {etc.}
    I am not really expecting full answer just one of those.

    Thank you

    I tried Everything in the config list(mixed), but nothing had chromium as ore washing.(one ore had chromium piece or tiny pile but not dust)
    I don't know how byproduct works, so I don't know how to byproduct rubi to get chromium.
    I want to know what ore has it.

    I made my squeezer working properly, and now I need coagulator to make rubber.
    I have been thinking about either getting titanium electrolyzer and somehow get 1000eu from other machines(no rubber, no generator), or just get stainless steel for coagulator.
    I tried to find a vein for chromium and manganese either direct ore or related recipe, then I found ruby vein.
    It required electrolyzer for breking it down. The only electrolyzer I can make is titanium, and it needs at least 1024eu. I cannot make eu since the basic generator needs rubber.

    As simplifying: I need stainless steel for coagulator to make rubber which is needed for generator.
    or I need EU making machine for electrolyzer to make stainless steel for coagulator.

    My questions are: How can I make chromium and manganese?
    If I need electrolyzer, then how can I get EU without rubber?

    Additional questions: Could you lower the tier for making rubber? At least allow us to use bronze squeezer with bronze steam engine. :(
    Is there Bastnasite, Forcillium, and Monazite vein?
    (Not Required) I there any other veins that I did not find yet? (The main ores) Coal, Bauxite, Redstone, Chalcopyrite, Magnetite, Soapstone, Berryllium, Alamadine, Nickel, Talc, Lepidolite/Salt,Tetrahydrite,Spodmene, Olivine/Bentonite, Lapis, Quartize, tin,copper,lead :S

    I wanted to move to IC2 as soon as possible, but It is impossible without rubber. Help me plz help me (please Ignore typo and grammar errors)

    I have tried everything I could to find out how to give kinetic energy to the squeezers,
    but nothing worked.

    Since it doesnt work with cables, how can I give KU to squeezer?
    Like with holes, other transporting pipes, or air?
    I want to see a picture of example if you don't mind.

    I have also found that some other machines require rotational energy...
    No wiki or youtube have information about rotational energy neither changelog does.
    I want to know what RU is, what machines have RU, and how I can give RU to the gregtech machines(with holes in machines?).
    Picture please if you don't mind.

    (If I understand fully enough, I will put it on my blog in Korean. :))
    Thank you