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    Here is a previous discussion about getting empty cells back from the Fusion Reactor(page92).[Addon][IC² 1.106, 1.107, 1.108, 1.109, 1.110, 1.111, 1.112] GregTech-Addon: Taking Industry to a whole new Level of complexity!

    On the next page Greg posts the update that adds empty cells to the Fusion Reactor output and the reasoning for not adding a second output slot.
    [Addon][IC² 1.106, 1.107, 1.108, 1.109, 1.110, 1.111, 1.112] GregTech-Addon: Taking Industry to a whole new Level of complexity!

    Oh, then you have a really slow Server. In fact even slower than my not that good PC. And the BaseMetaTileEntity can be EVERYTHING, not only Diesel Generators. Almost every Machine uses that thing to store and manage its Data, it's like you would complain about TileEntites in general.

    Sorry. I guess I didn't do a good job of explaining the CPU processing time.

    Say all loaded chunks on the server consume 80% of the CPUs total processing capacity. Of that 80%, the chunks that I own consume 25% of that. So, my loaded chunks consume 20% of the CPU resources that are currently being requested to run the Minecraft server. Now we go to the next step down. Of my 20% it shows that gregtechmod.api.BaseMetaTileEntity is 50% of that(Logi pipes is 15%). So total CPU resources spent on BaseMetaTileEntity is 10% of the total CPU resources currently being requested to run the Minecraft server(Logi pipes would be 3%). Doesn't this seem out of proportion?

    TL;DR Proportion of CPU resources between Logi pipes and GregTech seems off. Considering that I have at least 2 Logi pipe entities for every GregTech entity.

    Just to let you know. That Lag is 100% Client Side (tell your Server Owner that, as he is definetly wrong). The Server has no Problems with regular Generators and Pipes/Tubes/Ducts. Get Optifine and its fixed, and Solars lag even more than that, btw.

    I have Optifine and my FPS is great. The owner of the server I'm playing on ran some kind of entity check on loaded chunks. This was #1 on the list using 10% of the processor time: gregtechmod.api.BaseMetaTileEntity

    It's seems a little much when compared to the second place item: Logistics Pipes with 250+ auto crafting tables and processing facility for every ore only using 3% of the processor.

    Nitro-Diesel 400000
    Diesel Generator 16eu/t
    25000 ticks per 1000mL of Nitro-Diesel
    or 1250 seconds / 20 minutes & 50 seconds
    to burn through 1 bucket worth of Nitro-Diesel.

    A single iron tank with 1000000mL(1000 buckets) will take ~2 and a half weeks to burn through with one Diesel Generator. The only way to reduce this is to build more Diesel Generators. My base now has 96 generators so it takes almost 4 hours to burn the tank of fuel. However, having 96 Diesel Generators has the side-affect of causing server lag and I have gotten complaints from the owner. Is there a way to reduce the lag? I would hate to stop using fuel and switch completely to solars.

    This also bring me to a suggestion:
    Higher output/ Advanced Generators. Three things could be done.
    1. Give the current machines the ability to use upgrades to increase output at the expense of efficiency. Also add efficiency upgrades, these are only to balance the use of output upgrades and will not increase total EU gain from fuel sources. Affects of this are the ability to consume fuel faster at a higher EU/t output but lower total EU. You might lose 5% total EU per upgrade. So, a generator with 4 output upgrades could output at 48EU/t but you would only generate 320000EU instead of 400000EU. Efficiency upgrades will not increase total EU but may reduce EU lost from using output upgrades. I hope this doesn't need to be read - upgrades need to be extremely expensive, especially the efficiency upgrade.

    2. Add another block to be the advanced generator. This "magic block" burns at the same efficiency as the lower tier generator but higher fuel consumption and EU/t output. Added feature of this block could be the use of Compressed Air Cells to increase EU/t output even further.

    3. Multiblock Generator. Uses features from the above. Could also include a heat component and requires coolant(look! another use for the Vacuum Freezer).

    TL;DR High comsuption / high EU/t output fuel generators

    Electric Liquid Transposer (but only to fill and empty Cells/Capsules/Bottles/Buckets, nothing else)
    Sided Inventory Manager (And an Autocrafting Table Mode for the same Process), to make Self-Resolving Chests for example (means you put for example small Dusts into the Chest and they automatically get piled up via Autocrafting Table).

    Either of these would be a win! But if the TE liquid transposer now works with your cells, then do the Sided Inventory Manager first.

    Hi! I've install NEI with plugin. But if i am added GrechTech addon to my klient, NEI will become crazy! In most of recipes is lot's of variants to craft. That's good,that's doing Gregtech. But NEI changing recipes automaticly too quick! I can't craft anything when there's 15 different recipes and they changed every 1 sec! Can you know how fix it?

    There is my problem in a video

    This is normal. You can disable this GregTech behavior by going to the Recipes.cfg file and disabling alternate circuitry/machine recipes from different mods.

    This is what the default config looks like:

    Not sure how relevant this is to the thread but some people here might be interested in this:…r-fusion-reactor-designed

    That's exactly what I was suggesting for a new type of Implosion Compressor that relies on extremely high powered lasers. "The heated outer layer explodes outward, producing a reaction force against the remainder of the target, accelerating it inwards, compressing the target. This process may also create shock waves that travel inward through the target. A sufficiently powerful set of shock waves can compress and heat the fuel at the center so much that fusion reactions occur."Source If you ignore the part about the fuel it makes sense that the same method can be used to compress other materials.

    About that particular reactor design. I don't understand what is so great about it. It looks like it can be modular and use different fuel types but aside from the laser output figure, how does it overcome the problems of uniform heating and compression that plagues other inertial confinement reactors?

    @Above To unrealiatic! I have nearly full chest filled with ITNT stoocked. Also it wouldnt be realistic to use Lasers for high pressure compression.

    High pressure laser compression/implosion has been experimented with for the last 50 years. Mostly to achieve fusion but why can't we use it for other material compression in a game? We may not be able to do it in real life but the possibility is there given enough power and precision.

    The Fusion Reactor uses the TOKAMAK design so why not add the ICF type but have it do something else besides generate power. There have been several complaints lately about not enough uses for the super high output of the Fusion Reactor and some people have complained about not having enough ITNT to run an Implosion Compressor. I though this would be a neat way two kill to birds with a bunch of high powered lasers.

    Laser Implosion Compressor

    Basically, it produces the same stuff as a normal Implosion Compressor but without the requirement of ITNT. However, it does need insane amounts of EU to run the lasers and generate enough force to compress Iridium Alloy into plates.

    Probably would require the full output of a single Fusion Reactor.

    This worked for me. Thanks. Although now the computer won't crunch any numbers no matter what I press or put in the grid. I'm still completely new to the mod addon so it's a matter of getting past the learning curve. I just hope this isn't another bug.

    The Reactor Planner and Seedscanner require power to function. The Computercube is a tier 1 energy device so don't use more than 32eu/t or it will explode.

    this mod really needs a better wiki, the community driven one is way out of date and the other one is just annoying because the items dont have textures in recipes

    I can't do everything myself. And why aren't you, as a community member, helping to updating the wiki?

    FYI, I just updated the config pages last night. It's not the most current version but it covers the major changes since the config was moved to it's own directory.

    Meh, your mod is making too much change too fast, I suggest you make some lower tier items, with less change, that lead up to higher tier items. Otherwise people who don't like change will completely look your mod over altogether

    This is an addon for Industrial Craft. If you want lower tier items look at the Iron Furnace, Bronze tools, Batbox, and crops. Those are just a few early game items. GregTech is mostly about mid - late game stuff.

    i ahd an idea involving the end ores, i think that when put in an industrial grinder, they should drop some end stone dust and possily, because they could be considered to be quite solid, they should destroy the bucket/tin cell when going through it, another thing, the industrial grinder should be able to have water pumped in, it would make some sense

    Greg added liquid input to machines in version 2.51b.

    Link to change post

    Button is in charge of that @above

    Anyone can become a member of the wiki and contribute. Many of the device descriptions need to be updated or further explained. The only thing I have been able to keep somewhat current is the change log. I would love to see a few more regular editors on the wiki.

    For now I would like to make a shout out to nite97m for making the Tutorial Videos.

    The Blast Furnace heat capacity depends on the type of Machine Casings you use in it's construction. Standard Casings provide the lowest heat. Reinforced are the middle ground and Advanced Casings are top tier. You can also mix different casings with each other in the multi-block so you don't have to upgrade them all at once.