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    Meh, your mod is making too much change too fast, I suggest you make some lower tier items, with less change, that lead up to higher tier items. Otherwise people who don't like change will completely look your mod over altogether

    This is an addon for Industrial Craft. If you want lower tier items look at the Iron Furnace, Bronze tools, Batbox, and crops. Those are just a few early game items. GregTech is mostly about mid - late game stuff.

    i ahd an idea involving the end ores, i think that when put in an industrial grinder, they should drop some end stone dust and possily, because they could be considered to be quite solid, they should destroy the bucket/tin cell when going through it, another thing, the industrial grinder should be able to have water pumped in, it would make some sense

    Greg added liquid input to machines in version 2.51b.

    Link to change post

    Button is in charge of that @above

    Anyone can become a member of the wiki and contribute. Many of the device descriptions need to be updated or further explained. The only thing I have been able to keep somewhat current is the change log. I would love to see a few more regular editors on the wiki.

    For now I would like to make a shout out to nite97m for making the Tutorial Videos.

    The Blast Furnace heat capacity depends on the type of Machine Casings you use in it's construction. Standard Casings provide the lowest heat. Reinforced are the middle ground and Advanced Casings are top tier. You can also mix different casings with each other in the multi-block so you don't have to upgrade them all at once.

    the industrial electrolizer don't work the arrows keep reseting their state instead of filling up and the block itself keep flickering it do the same with LV and MV lines (and of course it blow up with HV ones).

    that happen with all the versions for IC2 109 and with both forge 395 and 407.

    Did you even read the Q/A in the OP? This is a feature, you must supply a constant 128EU/t for the machine to operate properly. LV won't work.


    Q: My Machines Progress gets null and the Machine consumes tons of EU for nothing! HALP! BORKEN!!!
    A: NOT A BUG!!! If you are not applying enough EU/t to any of my Machines, then it just stops and the Progress is gone. If you then feed it with insufficient EU/t it consumes it and immidietly aborts (wasting EU!). That is much more realistic, than a stuttering (and then lagging) Machine. If you dont want to lose Progress due to that, then use the Config. It's under "features" as of 2.08d.

    Where can I get NORMAL recipes? Wiki recipes are broken due to missing pictures.

    Also check out the un-official wiki. Lots of pictures and I'm trying to keep up with the updates. If you would like to contribute just apply. Funny thing, there are about 40 members now but I'm still the only one doing the editing...

    The main wiki is hosted by IC2 and they are not responding to requests for permissions to upload images.

    I'd love a option to disable the ore dict for the different machine blocks/forestry casing... and the electronic curcuit/bc gates/forestry diode (or whatever its called in forestry).

    The circuitry stuff can be disabled in the config. I can't find a config for the Forestry casings.

    circuitry {

    The machine casings confuse me. And what are the heating rings for?

    The only use right now is building the multiblocks for the Grinder and Blast furnace. Grinders uses Standard and Reinforced Casings. The Blast furnace heat capacity depends on the type of Casing you use to build it. Standard is low, reinforced is medium, advanced is high heat. If you look at the furnace recipes in NEI it will tell you the required heat for different ingots.

    EDIT: The nickel coils are used in the Blast furnace. It seems the other coil has no purpose yet. I'm sure it will be useful very soon.

    New techtree progression

    Tier 1
    Mortar/Iron Mortar
    Industrial Centrifuge

    Tier 2
    Induction Furnace
    Industrial Electrolyzer
    Industrial Grinder
    Industrial Blastfurnace

    The problem I see is the acquisition of nickel for teching up to Tier 2. The only way to get nickel early game is through the Industrial Centrifuge. This is a pretty big bottleneck because by the time you have the resources to make an Industrial Centrifuge you will likely have stacks of copper. It will take a little over an hour to centrifuge the 96 copper dust required to make two sets of Cupronickel Heating Coils for the Industrial Blastfurnace.

    Well, this was going to be a rant about how the tech tree has changed and relies too heavily on the nickel production from the Industrial Centrifuge. But after some pondering this makes more sense than in previous versions. The new Grinder and Blastfurnace make teching up completely worth the time and effort put into the Industrial Centrifuge. AND the genius of this is that it makes the IC2 Macerator obsolete for the mid-game. Now we need a tech 2 variant of the Compressor to make the set complete.

    @mining drill discussion
    I'm inclined to agree that the requirement of steel in the standard mining drill is far too expensive a tier 1 tool. The recipe for the Diamond Drill could be changed to include a battery upgrade. Perhaps an Energy Crystal or several Lithium batteries. And while we're "raping" IC2 why not do it with style and change the Diamond Drill so that it no longer works with tier 1 Batpacks.

    I am unable to craft the nuke. And I can't look it up in NEI(I think this part is intended).

    I'm using the dropbox image for reference but I can't be 100% certain on the required items:
    4 x Re-Enriched Uranium Cell
    2 x Uranium Block
    2 x Advanced Circuit
    1 x Advanced Machine Block
    Is that right?

    I have tried swapping the Re-Enriched Uranium Cells for Plutonium, Uranium Cells, and Near-Depleted Uranium Cells. I know a previous recipe used Plutonium cells. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    I am having issues with the new reactor items that gregtech adds, does anyone have a list I can use to design a reactor using the new items??

    There is a reactor planner mode in the GregTech-Computercube. It lets you design and simulate reactor cycles at high speed. It includes all the new reactor components and fuels.

    FYI you must power the Computercube to get the simulator to work(Use LV or it will explode). Plus you can save reactor designs to Dataorbs.

    I used Google translate, but I think you are asking how to reserve input slots for specific items?

    Try using an Advanced Translocator with the item you want in the filter slots. Or use an Electric Sorter which will also filter specific items into an inventory.

    I'm not sure if this is intentional. Machine casings are completely immune to explosions(almost, explained below)

    Was doing more testing with the AWESOME new Industrial Grinder. I wanted to see what happened when a grinder was fed more than 128eu/t. As expected it exploded, but none of the Machine Casings were broken. I thought maybe my setup was strange, so I rebuilt the whole thing from scratch and overloaded all 4 attached grinders. Yay big explosion, lots of terrain damage, but the all the Machine Casings were still intact.

    Test#2: TNT
    I built a 4x4x4 out of each Machine Casing type; Standard, Advanced Reinforced.
    6 tnt + 2 restone torches inside each cube. Place the torches and fill in the top hole. Run a way and... nothing. I could see the animation and hear the sound but no casings were destroyed or dropped and all the surrounding terrain was intact.

    Test#3 NUKE
    Same setup with each type of casing, but only 1 nuke.
    The Standard and Advanced casings did have 1 missing block on one of the sides that the nuke was touching. A small amount of the explosion got out but it did about as much damage to the terrain as a regular TNT explosion.
    The Reinforced casing had no damage at all. I tested this multiple times and with multiple nukes. I even stood right next to the 4x4x4 in survival mode. All I got was the hunger and poison effects.

    Found a bug. If you break any of the center Casings on a completed casing structure it of course turns the light red on any attached Grinder. When I put the block back the Grinders do not turn green. I have to break another block(any casing besides a center) and replace it before the light will turn green. I have tested every side of the Casing Structure and it's repeatable.

    I originally discovered this while getting screen shots of the water source block in the middle. I had to break the top center and made a mess trying to figure out why the Grinders were not updating when I put it back. Does this have to do with how the Grinders attach to the Casing structure only on those center blocks?