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    50% sounds fair enough. Either that or just don't make this a feature at all.

    It all boils down if this will be a feature for Lazy Asses (Like 99% of MC population), or for people that do the occasional mistake of wrenching a filled MFSU. And if you choose the second group, remember that 50% its better than 0% (Like it is now)

    Disclaimer: DO NOTE, that everything im discussing is about the MFSU/MSU/BatBox ONLY (Maybe Generators too since they can hold a considerable amount of energy). Regular machines like the Miner or macerator and stuff can pretty much be dismantled with their full energy still in storage since they don't really store that much to make it an issue. (Unless they store more energy than a regular battery, then it becomes an issue).

    FunFact: It takes 4 Laps + some negligible materials to make the MFSU. 1 lap = 1/10 of msfu. So you actually gain 10 lap on a single slot. Why bother carrying those again? (Charge Times are relative, since if you charge it to 1/10 its the same speed as charging one lap, but fully charging its the same speed of charging 10 lap)

    Fundit: Im willing to shut my mouth on this issue just to annoy rawcode with his unstackable dilemma :X

    Would be good for accidental removal of storage boxes or geo-generators or whatever.
    Storage boxes/Generators with "charge" won't stack anyway, so it won't be that OP.

    Well, charging/decharging MFSU takes much longer than lapotrons, lapotrons will be a simple storage item to use mainly as components or inside machines (miner?).

    They take the same amount of time a lapotron to charge/discharge WHEN you charge them to the same energy level than a lap. And with miners? Place Mfsu, same shit a few more components. If this change passes, i honestly see no reason whatsoever to have a lapotron/energy somewhere in my base, and if i need one i just craft it for the recipe and that it.

    Don't like it for storage like the msu or mfsu, since it would make Energy Crystals and stuff useless besides recipes. I mean why carry a lapotron with me when i can make a MFSU that holds like 200000x times the lapotron capacity (Exaggerated numbers to make an impact... and because i forgot the actual ones.)

    1. The nano suit currently offers 90% damage reduction when worn, if you nerf it too hard you might as well just switch between nano chestplate + lappack. 85% reduction perhaps?
    2. I was thinking about that, but then I realized it wouldn't be as fun to have my hotbar filled with crystals. (Reminds me too much of the old days where you needed a charger for your electric tools).

    1. "Oh yeah, lets make a suit 1000000% times better than a nano to make nano completely useless and make the whole concept of BRANCHING totally useless! Yay"... *BITCHSLAP* And if you dare mention quatum suit in here i have the other bitchslap waiting for you.
    2. Who currs, hotbar filling its my way of giving it some balance to make it not ridiculous. Imagine an inventory full of laps for only 2 or 3 tools, why would i ever need to refill those bitches?

    I kinda like the energy suit, but a few things i would change:

    -Defense from this suit is worse than nano suit (Not much, like 0.75x the def of the nano)
    -Only energy crystals in your hotbar are elegible to recharge your suit/tools, rationale being that when an item is in the hotbar its because you have it somewhere nearby like a pocket in your suit, and not in some weird infinite space limbo.

    I think everyone has overlooked one large flaw with recyclers. they do not take into account the value of the item being recycled. if you recycle diamonds you get the same amount of scrap as with cobblestone. it doesn't need to be OP, I would just like the reassurance that if buildcraft decides to send something down the wrong pipe, it won't be a total waste.

    That's not a flaw, that's a feature. Scrap is scrap, doesn't matter what is the source of the scrap. Scrap.

    Too much effort for practically nothing. If you want more wood colors and stuff you can always download one of those xtrabiomes mods that usually add new wood/plank colors with the biomes.

    So can a single Block or tile-entity can check for sunlight for nearby blocks with a single check?

    If the above its true, something i though right now was:

    -A Solar Concentration "Tower", that when placed (Or when a nearby block its placed/removed) will check for nearby solars and save their coordinates to perform the sunlight check for all of those blocks at the same time (Dunno if this will reduce the lag or not). Of course this would mean solars can't work without a solar tower nearby.

    Quick question seeing as im still too lazy to bother checking the code: How exactly the sunlight checking method works? Its only capable of checking the sunlight that hits its spot directly or can it also check adjacent blocks too?