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    Hello. My idea is change the nuclear bomb recipe to:

    [TNT] :Uranium Ingot: [TNT]

    This will be more realistic recipe (and easier).

    Hahahahahaha... No

    The word "realistic" its taboo in here, and we don't also want to give more power to the griefers. (And i seriously doubt a nuke its made with a single uranium bar surrounded by TNT)

    Well actually, the original Manhattan project bombs were a piece of enriched uranium surrounded by TNT

    In the real world, copper wire is about 95-99% Pure copper. Now, this process does not happen by smelting, we do that to an extent, but to get really conductive copper, metallurgists use Electrolytic Refining.
    Now having a machine that can do this would be simple, it will need power, obviously, to run the anode and cathode, but I am thinking of a machine that will be able to refine conductive ingots like copper and gold, to a refined version which can be used in wires to get more wires per craft (better conductivity means a large gauge of wire is not needed) and, less EU loss over distances (Better conductivity means less current loss)

    In my opinion, macerators are the central sprocket within the Industrial-craft machine. But the old macerators are so last update and can use an upgrade.
    The macerators' usage should go beyond the realm of ores and go into the agricultural world of Minecraft. A simple upgrade that can be useful in a macerator is having the ability to grind bones into five or six stacks of bonemeal instead of the standard three (for painting my factory white and boosting the growth of my rubber tree farm). For the Industrial-crafters who play on peaceful, and because skeletons are very rare in peaceful, it would be convenient for the macerator be able to macerate plantballs (or other organic substances like the useless rotton flesh) into a mulch or fertilizer that would have the same effects as bonemeal. The last suggestion I have, is for the macerator to have an advance machine upgrade (like the furnace). The reason for this, is the fact that my two macerators struggle to keep up with my induction furnace (that thing is a freight train when it gets up to heat). Like the induction furnace, the v2.0 macerator should have to speed up before going crazy. My suggested recipe is similar to the original macerator recipe only with: diamonds instead of flint, Obsidian instead of Cobblestone, and advance machine instead of a basic machine, and a macerator instead of a Electronic Circuit. Thank You for reading this suggestion. :Macerator: