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    Now that I'm fairly confident on how to set things up, I go Generator-> Macerator -> Wind Mill -> Electro Furnace. With the exceptions of massive desert or island spawns, I come across Rubber Trees often enough that I don't necessarily need more Rubber over fast smelting. I'm starved enough for Iron as it is, so Macerator goes second, and the Wind Mill uses the original Generator (with any luck...). Before I make the first Generator, though, I use the Iron Furnace prereq for loads of Charcoal to power the Gen while I dig for components for Bronze Pickaxes. As to why upgrading the Generator instead of burning more Charcoal, my above-ground shenanigans are only enough to make sure I have everything I need before I head right back down before I advance to Tier 2.

    If you are experiencing the explosion effect, then something is installed wrong such the TileEngine.class did not get overwritten.
    They do not product less BC energy as they overheat, only use more EU.
    Regular BC engines do not change the amount of energy produced regardless of how hot they are, it is constant. Except for redstone engines, which are a special case.

    I think I figured out the oddness. My Refinery ran out of oil, so it full stopped - I erroneously attributed it to the now-red engine. As for the explosion effect, I need to double-check, but I believe it's because the crossover loads first.

    not true. Direct connections result in no energy loss.

    Okay, then I must have a weird bug then. Attaching a Large Electric Engine direct to a Refinery left the Refinery blue when powered. Putting Conductive Pipes between them got it green.

    (this bug might be non-related; I just drag-updated the Forge/Optifine pair when they had updates instead of refreshing the minecraft.jar and reinstalling the prereqs and Optifine. It's likely that there may have been some oddities.)

    Interesting notes about the Petrochemical Generator:

    Oil in the Petrochemical Generator gives 50000 EU, larger than a single BatBox can hold. At 10 EU/t, it takes 5000 ticks to fully burn the Oil. Fuel gives 625000 EU, or a 1250% increase over Oil. At 25 EU/t, it takes 25000 ticks to fully burn. Again, this means that a single MFE cannot hold the entire amount without transmitting some of that energy.

    Attempting to use engines to power a Petrochemical Generator is inefficent - you expend slightly more energy than you generate, with larger engines being even more inefficent. Connected to the generator with one Wood and one Gold Conductive Pipe, a cold Steam Engine gives 1500 EU per Coal (a Generator burns Coal at 4000 EU); a conventional cold-started Combustion Engine gives 27000 EU per Oil, and 508500 EU per Fuel. DO NOT use a Large or Industrial Electric Engine to power a Petrochemical Generator - you will lose metric craptons of EU, as the capacity of the Generator is exceeded. Linked spare Redstone Engines might be your best option if you must use Conductive Pipes as a power source.

    Serial connections to the Petrochemical Generator is a bad idea, due to the Buildcraft bug noted in previous posts in this thread - energy is for some reason lost with a direct connection to non-pipe objects. This seems to transfer over to the generator, as the held EU in an adjacent storage box is not divisible by 25, and there's leftover in the generator which cannot be removed without more energy. Even connecting away from the generator, you need to connect the engines to at least one non-wood Conductive Pipe for it to transmit.

    Electric Engines decrease in efficency the more "hot" they run, to the point where a red engine delivers barely any energy. If they run to the point where they would have exploded had they been a conventional Buildcraft engine, the overheat will cause explosion effects around the engine, (though it won't damage anything,) which will make it fairly difficult if you have a crap computer to get to the switch. The effect ceases once the engine no longer recieves power. EDIT: User error, ignore struck lines. Refinery used to test former item was not refilled for whatever reason.

    While the fact that they don't blow up like regular Buildcraft engines makes them more reliable, they aren't quite as efficent as their comparative regular engine, as these start at max speed and only slow down if not properly cooled, while regular engines start at this speed and speed up as they warm up. I'd take a Large Electric Engine to five Combustion Engines any day of the week, though. EDIT: That's not right? Huh.

    Any chance we could get the petro gen's EU/t rate changed to 8/16 or 16/32. Same eu total output per oil/fuel would probaly be ok since I haven't noticed any issues there. But IC2's energy system works on a set of multiples of 8's largely. Batbox/copper cable=32eu/t, MFE/gold cable= 128eu/t, MFSU/glass fibre=512 eu/t. So basicly 4/2 petro generators would fully power a batbox. Ect. Instead of 1 burning fuel giving two thirds of a batbox or 3 oil still requiring you to add another 2 eu/t from elsewhere.

    Vanilla IC2 :Generator: and :Geothermal Generator: output at 10 EU/t, same as the oil-fueled Petrol Gen at least as far as the wiki knows. Considering all the storage units end with zeros, I'm not entirely sure why you want to change EU/t rate unless you're, for some reason, transmitting over lossy cable (which you shouldn't, as it's much easier to bring the fuel to the generator via waterproof pipe than to bring the generator to the fuel via cable.