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    Hi guys. I've built a nuclear reactor. Safe one, with 4 thick neutron reflector and a quad MOX cell. I didn't find a way to get uranium-235. is it available now?
    But it isn't a question I want to ask. My reactor produces 28m energy per cycle. And it requires a stack of tin and coal, a half stack of copper, some iron plus the nuclear fuel. In fact, my 3 kinetic wind generators produce about 22m energy per cycle of wooden rotor. And they're required only wood and 3 iron ingots. They're also cheaper than a nuclear reactor. Yes, I know that reactor productivity depends on heat level, but... Is it fair? They're cheaper to build, cheaper to use, need less difficult infrastructure to build and have the same efficiency.
    Sorry for my English. Just cry from the heart.

    Strong tungstensteel steam engine needs 38 tungstensteel ingots (19 tungsten ingots).
    Plus titanium strong steam boiler tank (coz titanium is cheaper that tungsten).
    Plus dense chromium burning box

    oh my... at least it possible. Thanks!

    Well, that is alpha, who expect perfect tech tree? :D Thanks for your work and answers. I just want be sure I'm not missing something. As a bonus, Bartok shows me the way ^_^

    everythng can be done by aluminium motors

    Wow. Then can anyone tell me,how?
    I had a plan — connect 4 storage with 128 EU/t output with transformer, get 512 EU/t output flow, then power chromium engine and use it for titanium compressor. The result I want — energy crystralls for nano armor.
    How can I avoid the engine requirment?

    p.s. sorry about my english once more

    Fixed the crash when playing sounds. I changed a few internals and didnt think that one would crash on servers, since the code would never get that far. Well I was wrong.


    Meanwhile I "solve" the problem by updating to 6.01.01 instead of 6.01.02. But another issue is still here — many items have been changed. Scrap replaced with Curved Plates, plates with tiny plates, regular gems with flawed gems, etc.
    Maybe it's just wrong way to update by replacing an old version by new one?

    upd: I'm dumb. Seems like "replacing an old version by new one" is exactly correct way. But I also delete configs when update, that's the reason. Sorry.

    Hello. Could you help me, please?
    I just updated my server from 6.01.00 to 6.01.02. All goes fine untill I tryed to hammer some redstone ore — I got crash with the error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/client/entity/EntityClientPlayerMP

    I tryed to delete the Gregtech directory from /config/, GregTech.cfg and GregTech.lang from root, but it didn't help. Also I tryed to create new world to be sure it's not specify for the world problem. But in SP it works fine.

    Google says that the error means I trying to launch client-only code at the server, but I don't understand... Is there a server version of the mod?

    What I did wrong?

    Sorry for my english.