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    Did you mean there passive output?

    I thought Normal IC2 windmills output .01 Eu/t per water block in the surround blocks not .1Eu/t.
    Therefore all of your decimal places need to be adjusted by 1.

    (btw if it is .1 instead of .01 then 51.2 Per block on HV would be a little OP. My reasoning behind this is it only takes 4 Iron to make a windmill compared to 10 per solar or 14 per windmill)

    And windmills would also have to be balanced I suspect part of the reason he hasn't added adv windmills yet is figuring out how to make them function or be balanced.

    Since when do we compare the real world with Minecraft xD

    IC2 seems to walk along the line of comparing real world with Minecraft.

    A lot of the ideas such as a mass fab are impossible today but if they where possible they would require an obseen amount of power like the do in IC2. That is an example of making something Unrealistic semi-realistic in a game ;P

    I agree with the previous statements that these machine should become more efficient (Eu) but They also should be balanced with more expensive recipes, I feel like the original idea of the IC tiers was to create better, more efficient machines with each level of tiers.

    With that being said I don't think you guys had a bad idea I just don't like that having anymore than 8 Overclockers is complete nonsense (Eu wise anyway.

    The Same thing happened to me the only thing I would like to add is I had a hotbar full of Lapo's and tools in my inventory

    I had just tried it the opposite way (lapo's in my inventory and tools in my hotbar) and it didn't crash

    before i accedently blew it up with a misplaced mass fabricator for testing my setup producing ice with 6 snow golems was using 7 Electric engines (Forestry by SirSengir) and 5 singularity compressors, i had to use overflow pipes on the compressors due to there being about 1/3 to many snowballs (couldent make use of the rest just dumped it into lava) that produced more ice than the reactor could use (also dumped), at the point where all my machinerey pulled EUs from the 3 MFSUs i had hooked up i measured ~122EU/t (~1400 ticks) and the reactor itself produced 1780EU/t

    i think that these snow golem powered CASUC reactors could potentialy be incredibly OP and simple to operate especialy if you can just hook up a single snow supply point to a bunch of reactors. i smell an inc nerf tho so you should probably have emergency shutdowns on your reactors for nerf patches, or somthing idk. just dont hook up a mass fab like i did to the direct output unless you wanna start over X(

    I would like to add that 1 golem with 12 block breakers was requires an enormous amount of entities to move enough ice through the system to feed into all 6 reactors causing my fps to drop from 120 to 25, If you do not perfectly route the ice is flows unevenly, and if your overflow system isn't perfect the reactors again flow unevenly and the reactors don't get enough ice promptly causing a chain reaction of craters.

    Not to mention running a cycle of 6 reactors requires 240 uranium cells. Therfore running this setup in an SSP world and not just for fun in a creative world would be ridiculous.

    Wow, never even crossed my mind to use multiple block breakers. Nice. I can get 4 working on a single golem but not 5. Probably just need to mess with the redstone though.

    I would like to add I heard this from Xyberviri first and the 12 blockbreaker idea. I just implemented it into a design and fine tuned it for multiple reactors.

    Of course this is all excess and you should only really need the 4 block breaker setup to run 1 reactor.

    One snow golem should be fine unless you plan on running the reactor 100% of the time. I'm designing an 1800EU/t ice CASUC that only uses one golem, and no adv. machines addon (which I'm avoiding for various reasons). Basically I'll just run snowball/ice production all the time until storage is full (will take about 22 real-time hours), then run the reactor from storage (18 double chests). Currently it looks like the whole system (ice maker, storage & reactor) will all fit inside of a 10x10x10 containment chamber, so with 3 layers of re-stone, you're right at one chunk.

    Effective eu/t is about 200, but I average about 10 used, so that's fine.

    Thank you for the idea but I've actually found a way around this, you can get 5 block breakers to break the 1 block of snow every .2 seconds (it is glitchy so it only produces a constant 10 ice per second). This means I could feed the 1820Eu/t reactor with its required 6 ice per second.

    Instead I have a fully working setup with 1 golem powering 2 Reactors with 4 chambers each outputting a total of 3020 Eu/t.

    And with some more creative block breaker/snow golem arrangements i've made a setup that produces 30.3 Ice per second. It requires 22 Singularity compressors consuming 352Eu/t. Therefore it ouputs enough ice to power 6 1510Eu/t output reactors which I am currently building in 1 chunk.

    Also I do know that I can use 1 golem per reactor with my first mentioned technique but I'm just trying to push the limit of what 1 golem can do. ;)

    Thanks you. Your Design on youtube looks like a pretty nice design too.

    I guess I'm my own critic because the messy redstone wiring really bothers me. I'd like to build a bigger one but I'm limited to One snow golem per reactor because I designed it for Industrial Rage.

    Hi Xyberviri

    I was talking about how I was working on improving you're MK-I "Limbo" design on IR last night and basically here is what I ended up making.

    It is a 1 chamber RP2/IC2/Advanced Machines Reactor
    460Eu/t with 3.83Eff Mark II-E-CASUC-EB "Eshne"

    I designed it to be compatible with IR therefore It needed a Fail-safe and bedrock shielding along with the space constraints of 1 chunk.
    I'm also New to RP2 so the wiring is a complete disaster and needs to be revised but for now it functions properly.

    This design could also be more efficient ( 3.93 eff) by adding 3 more Uranium cells and the Eu/t would go to 590Eu/t but it would be borderline safe with 1 snow golem which is all we are allowed on IR. Plus I have no need for almost 600Eu/t

    The same pictures Except larger inside (You have been warned)(Click to enlarge)

    If you want to mess around with it here is my world
    My Test world (MediaFire DL Link) (You need the Same mods installed to get onto the Industrial Rage Server)