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    Also "Pressure Vessel Reactor" (not to be confused with the Reactor Pressure Vessel) I gave it a redirect to a page already done on the new reactor by soniccreeper7. Same issue.

    So I added a page for superheated steam on the wiki and linked the main recipe page, but most of the other pages still show it in red with the "(page does not exist)" message. Clicking these links does bring up the new page, but is there a more universal fix than doing an empty edit of pages with the ref? Also nav-box has same wrong message, but also works.

    I have been toying with the idea of finding a mainly ic2 server for a while. As playing with others can be fun, but ic2 can be a bit of a niche mod.

    Love the mod selection (haven't used bop or cc, but from what I can tell they should mesh quite nicely with ic2)
    I don't think that should be a problem although 'small' is a bit ambiguous. I'm not planning on rebuilding Hogwarts or anything if that's what you mean

    As far as efficiency goes, while it is certainly not the absolute most efficient power generator(especially when time/speed is taken into consideration), it is quite a strong mid game power source easily capable of powering all of the standard machines (macerator, washer, centrifuge, metal former etc.) simultaneously even with multiple overclock upgrades.

    Note that the above will require multiple generators to accomplish.

    It's not nuclear for sure, but you can still generate a lot of power with biogas and here's why:

    1 run of the fermenter consumes 10mB biomass and produces 200mB biogas at the cost of 125 biogas to generate the necessary heat.

    This works out to:
    1 Run: consumes 10mB biomass, produces 75mB biogas
    Which means that every bucket(1000mB) of biomass will produce 7500mB of biogas
    Each mb of biogas produces 32 eu
    1 bucket biomass = 7500 mB biogas = 240,000 eu
    It takes 8 sugar cane(reeds) to produce one bucket of biomass
    Converted to biomass/biogas 1 sugar cane(reed) produces 30,000 eu compared to 4,000 eu produced by coal/charcoal. An entire stack of sugar cane will produce 1.9 million eu, not quite nuclear levels but still not bad.

    Fermenters do take time to convert biomass into biogas, but they can produce a lot of energy for what you put into them. I usually run my entire base off of this and use nuclear only for mass fab.

    pipe the output (from the other side of the tank) to liquid heat generators and stirling generators

    One note in terms of actual power generation a semifluid generator produces just as much power, just as quickly as a fluid heat-stirling generator setup does but only uses half the space. Might be intentional, might not be, but as far as I can tell that's how it is right now.

    I know this is an old thread, and if there is a more current one I should like to post there as well. Thank you dev team for the work that you guys continue to do in making an amazing mod even better. Ic2 is no longer a 'mod' as far as my minecraft experience is concerned. Ic2 is part of my 'vannila' minecraft so much so that the idea of minecraft without macerators and thermal centrifuges is like the idea of minecraft without creepers or the nether. In short, for all that you have done, and for all that you continue to do, thank you.