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    Hey guys,
    i have 2 short question about the nuclear reactor, after some testing and failing.

    • When is the reactor lit up green? If it is active or if it is heated (probably Heat > 0)?
    • How to get the EU out of the reactor? I put insulated cables (4x HV, normal Copper Cable) to the chambers or the reactor itself but the messurement just said 0/EU (length of cable was 2 - 3 blocks)

    Perhaps i am just getting something wrong...

    What i have installed so far is:

    • latest version of ModLoader
    • latest version of ModLoaderMP (1.7.3)
    • latest version of MinecraftForge (1.0.6)
    • IndustrialCraft² v0.90
    • BuildCraft v2.1.0
    • AudioMod
    • TooManyItems
    • RedPower

    Thanks in advance
    Phil (Gameagle.DE)