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    Sweet! I had been thinking about how useful spikes could be, for traps and other nefarious purposes.

    One I had thought about was the ability to crush ore blocks with them.

    Sticky Piston -> Spike -> Ore <- Spike

    Basically acting like a hammer. But I'm not sure if it's possible to trick pistons into being able to push against a block like that.

    And then there's the tile-entity situation of ores, and pistons not liking tile-entities :/

    I added them in the rotations manually; it's a 4x5 shape, so it only needs 8 configurations. If overlaps are the only thing that could go wrong, then I'll just be careful about making sure my shapes are unique. If I'm not, that'd be 100% my own fault, same as any other crafting recipe overlap.

    And it's a lot cleaner on the end user, being able to chisel out and pour into the same Mold, than to need an entirely separate block just for a couple of different shapes.

    Aye, it's its own MultiItemTool. Had to also make my own classes extending AdvancedCraftingTool and OreProcessing_Tool since those classes would only return the default GregTech tool.

    But it looks like I got the mold recipes working now -- I was just accidentally giving it mirrored data, using a rotation matrix on B[0] B[1] B[2] B[3] B[4] when I was designing it for B[4] B[3] B[2] B[1] B[0].

    Is there anything that would be likely to break by adding to the MOLD_RECIPES map, as long as I don't duplicate an existing shape? It appears to work fine in my obfuscated environment, returning the raw tool head, and the other mold shapes still returning their proper items.

    Another addition to the addon I'm making, taking a page out of the Tinker book:

    Fast on logs (but doesn't chop the whole tree like an Axe), slower on other wood.
    Fast on dirt and grass, but unable to dig sand or gravel at all.
    Tills soil on right-click.
    Regular crafting recipe has 3 plates and 2 ingots.
    I'm working on making it moldable, but haven't worked that out completely yet.

    EDIT: Got it worked out!
    :Coal Chunk::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating:
    :Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating:
    :Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk:
    :Coal Chunk::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk:
    :Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating:

    RAGE! I've been trying to figure out what I did wrong for hours! And it wasn't even my incompleteness to blame this time!

    Well, at least now I know I can placeholder it until that's all implemented. (Or I can just put in the extra couple of lines and use OreDictionary :P)

    Running up against an odd error. My code will recognize when a Hammer, a Wrench, or a Chisel is picked up from a crafting table... but not a File. All are regular GT items, tested with Bronze and Iron in a regular crafting table.

    That's what I figured. The GUI really isn't put together the best of ways... IC2's achievements page will crash if you scroll too high up, since the highest achievement is above the highest vanilla achievement. The blocky background errors inside vanilla code, trying to random.nextInt() a negative number. :|

    Putting that "sticks and stones idea" a while back to better use!

    It may be no Thaumonomicon, but Achievements can act as at least a basic guide of "what do I do next?" Plus fun odds-and-ends like that.

    Interesting note, for some reason the tool appears blank in the Achievements page until it is awarded; guessing there's something particular about how metatools are rendered, which doesn't play well with the darkening effect on unawarded Achievements?

    I can tell you right away that I cannot help you as I never use the Eclipse Environment for testing at all. I always compile into a Jar and drop it into my regular mods Folder for testing. Maybe OvermindDL1s GitHub page can help you set things up

    After much more experimenting, I figured it out. For some reason, GT6 didn't like the fact that my proxy files were bare-bones for testing setup. Once I fleshed them out properly, like I really should have done to start with, everything was fine.

    I have an oddball question.

    I've set up an eclipse workspace to mess around with GregTech and I think I've done something terribly wrong.

    IndustrialCraft's blocks and textures show up just fine, but every single GregTech texture except the 0 Selector Tag is missing! In the world, purple and black. In NEI, invisible.

    EDIT: Upon further investigation, Chests also appear properly, as do items 4303-4309. But everything related to *materials,* like dusts and blocks and ingots and machines, does not show up.

    These libraries are included in my eclipse build path, and I've linked the sources to the dev versions. Again, IC2's textures are just fine, but GregTech's are messing up somehow.

    I could work around it if it was purely visible, of course, but the renderer crashes when I pick up a rock and I'm fairly confident that's just due to the lack of texture being recognized.

    Yet there isn't anything in the Forge log, FML log, GregTech log, or console about textures not being found.

    Is this just a simple ID-10-T error caused by me not using Eclipse in three years and not knowing what the heck I'm doing?

    Perhaps there could be some form of chemical analysis tool instead of a simple magnifying glass? A spectrometer comes to mind, where heated elements emit different wavelengths of light.

    Such a tool would, realistically, only be able to view the percentages of elements that are molten.

    So if you had 3 iron dust, 2 copper dust, and something like 1 tungsten that hadn't reached the melting point, you'd be able to read "60% Fe | 40% Cu". Then when the tungsten melted, it'd be "50% Fe | 33% Cu | 17% W".

    The TE Pulverizer doesn't do that for me, might be another mod.

    And ofcourse all mined ores are Gravity affected, they always have been if you dont silk touch them. The onlything that did change in that regard is that the Tooltip now actually says it.

    I had never checked, so I wasn't sure if it was indeed just the tooltip. It made sense as both a game mechanic and as a bug, glad it was the former!

    These are the mods I'm using:

    - Forestry + Binnie + Gendustry
    - HarvestCraft 1.7.10Lb + Agricraft 1.5.0
    - IC2 2-2.2.828 + GT 6.05.48
    - CoFH 3.1.4-329 + TF 1.2.6-118 + TE 4.1.5-248 + TD 1.2.1-172
    - RFTools 4.23
    - StorageDrawers 1.10.1 + Chisel + Carpenters Blocks v3.3.8

    Plus a handful of required libraries and mods that don't touch items or blocks. If TE isn't directly the problem with silicon, I'd be guessing the most likely culprit is RFTools. I'll boot up without it and see if it's still possible.

    EDIT: Still does it without RFTools.

    Couple of things in .48 that may be intentional or may be bugs, but that I couldn't find in the changelog:

    - Thermal Expansion Pulverizer is able to turn Sand into Silicon Plates. Since the normal way to get silicon ingots appears to be smelting 3 quartz with 2 carbon, I'm looking at it suspiciously.

    - All mined ores appear to be gravity-affected, including regular cobblestone ores, marble ores, etc.

    Long time since I've been here. I've been playing around with the latest few versions of GregTech and it's gotten super impressive and all-encompassing in the past year.

    With the latest versions of GT (.45) and Thermal Expansion (4.1.5) I've found that there's at least one exploit. TE's Redstone Furnace can still melt down Iron Doors into 6 ingots, despite GT changing the value to 2 ingots.

    I like the stick blocks and stones, and have a few suggestions towards them that may or may not be good ones:

    - There should be a way to turn 4 stones into cobblestone and vice versa, perhaps using tools or machinery to stop it from being too easy to exploit

    - During thunderstorms, new sticks should be "knocked down" (freshly generated) on the grass beneath trees

    - Sticks and stones should be able to be placed back down on the ground

    - If they can be placed, perhaps Sticks could stack somewhat like coins do; if so, igniting a large enough pile should create a Campfire, which would in purpose be a Fire block that doesn't extinguish (except from rain or water)

    - Sticks and stones should deal extra damage on Skeletons (though words will never hurt them)

    What version of Forge is recommended for the 5.09 branch? I have tried using local LAN for Forge 1428, but it crashes with the same error that 1447 does: molten metal liquids already registered, or something. I don't have the crash logs on this computer, but I assume the crash is known about given the big red text on the main post.

    So my question is, does any version of Forge work for LAN multiplayer?

    Can anyone please confirm/explain to me how to make a Bronze Blast Furnace?

    I have this layout, where B = bronze-plated bricks, F = bronze blast furnace block, and X = air.

    4th layer:

    3rd layer:

    2nd layer:


    1st layer:


    I've also got a BuildCraft steam-carrying fluid pipe system hooked up to the furnace block. The system fuels all my other bronze machines fine. I've tried putting iron ingots in the top slot and coal dust in the bottom slot; I've also tried putting coal instead of coal dust in the bottom slot. But I never get any indication that it's working.

    This is what I ended up doing, after reading the readme for the Thermal Expansion API (which I was using for pulverizer recipes too). I was under the impression that it would blow up on me from the very beginning if I imported a file which could not be found, but apparently that's just for recompiling, not for running. I double-checked PowerCrystal's NetherOres source code, and he does exactly that, importing the API inside a try/catch block and then not including the API files, with no problems.

    Thank you for the response confirming it again for me!