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    I'm trying to add Macerator recipes through reflection, so that I don't have to include parts of the ever-changing IC2 API in my mod, which is not an IC2 dependency.

    However, the weird way that IMachineRecipeManager is set up is making this difficult. That "V" variable thingy means that I'm getting NullPointerExceptions upon trying to getMethod("addRecipe", ItemStack.class, ItemStack.class). And I don't know how else to do this.

    How do I fix this? Is it even possible anymore? Do I absolutely have to include that part of the API in my download and directly reference it? It's not terrible if I do, because the classes I'd be including are so small that any change would be likely to break it anyway, but I want to keep it as clean from external code as possible.

    I understand your point. Like I said, Greg probably ought to make his detector functions better. But it should be easily fixable if the user is not currently running Tekkit/Technic -- just rename or move some folders around.

    Now, the REAL reason I came here.

    Is there an existing way to make GregTech stop spamming !!!UNKNOWN ORE TYPE!!! and such? I notice some debug options in the config but I don't want to mess with them too much without knowing exactly what they do, because a 3-MB Forge-Mod-Loader-0 file with a 10-minute boot-up time is plenty long enough for me, thank you.

    Alright, let me put it this way.

    I invent a kind of widget for using in a gidgetraption. It's an intricate little widget, not something simple. I patent it. I now own the exclusive rights to make this widget.

    Bob Machines Corp likes my widget. It works really well with their gidgetraption. They pay me some money and now they can buy my widgets to use inside their gidgetraptions that they sell.

    Steve Machines Corp also likes my widget. But they don't get why they should have to pay me a bunch of money for it. So they just package it up in their gidgetraptions without paying me royalties.

    I can sue Steve Machines Corp for this.

    This is similar to how Technic/Tekkit (Steve) steals mods (widgets) for use in their modpacks (gidgetraptions) without getting permission to redistribute them (package them up) from the creators (widget inventor), often not giving them credit (royalties), while Feed the Beast (Bob) does.

    And if I'm really mad at them, I can change the design of my widget (mod) to specifically not work with their gidgetraption (modpack), and make it not start up when installed with it. If this makes people with already-existing Steve's gidgetraptions (Tekkit) angry, I can tell them, sorry, take it back and get Bob's (FTB). And unlike in my analogy, switching to FTB or MultiMC or a manual install instead of Tekkit is completely free and you don't need to go taking things back to who made them! Heck, if you want to copy over all the mods from Tekkit to FTB or MultiMC or your .minecraft folder and add GregTech that way, you can!

    And it honestly baffles me why you would name a FTB folder after Tekkit. Really, that's just a little weird in my opinion, but very easily fixable. How hard is it to change a folder name?

    Yes, Greg ought to have an easier way to detect Technic/Tekkit. But why turn it into a flame war?

    I haven't seen this reported yet, but using the most recent version in the OP with IC2 .304 causes an IC2 API crash. I've deleted every single instance of the IC2 API I could find that wasn't in IC2 itself so I think this is an actual API change failure. I could be wrong; if so, could someone please tell me how they get it working?

    EDIT: Removing MFFS allows the game to work normally, deleting the IC2 API folder inside MFFS does not.

    Question: I accidentally discovered the Cover feature of plates when I tried to open a Plate Bending Machine (sorry if I'm not using the exact name, but you should know what I mean and it's not really important) with a Tin Plate in my hand. Now I'm curious: what do they all do, how do I use them all? Neither of the wikis seem to have much info and searching the thread here was all pain no gain.

    As usual, I appear to have the crappiest computer around, at 1.5 GB RAM. And that's AFTER I upgraded it from 2 half-gig RAM cards to one half-gig and one full-gig.

    77 GB hard drive.

    Intel 95G Mobile Graphics Chipset, gotta use a modded launcher.

    20 FPS max, with Optifine on lowest settings, and view distance of just less than Short.

    When someone mentioned they lost 40 FPS earlier in the thread, I was like, "Whew, if I lose 40 FPS, my game will be playing backwards."

    So, yeah, the fewer indexes I have, the better. Maybe you could work on a configuration option for texture pack artists to have full customization, but please don't just make 200 copied textures by default...

    And @below: Heh, hard to be offended when it IS the (second) worst computer I've ever seen... a guy who I do music collaborations with has a worse laptop than mine, but other than that, well, I call it the Craptop for a reason.

    Anyone here tried MineFactory Reloaded? What does it offer why should I use or stay away from the mod?

    Anything you may have hated about MFR1 is pretty much gone in MFR2. It uses IC2 power now, instead of cheap exploitable redstone (it can also run off of BC or UE but everyone in this thread is going to use IC2 amiright?); it has its own rubber trees, which I prefer over IC2's; it has loads of useful farming machines; it has awesome dyable conveyors; it has an autoenchanter; it has an automatic mob spawning system that is comparable to a tech-friendly version of Soul Shards; and it has sewage!

    And it has some awesome decoblocks that I built my base out of :)

    If it's a direct child addon to a single mod, like GregTech is to IC2, technically you don't even need to use reflection, you just recompile with the API, then you delete the API from the reobfuscated files that you distribute, and it will access the API files from the parent mod instead. Reflection is mainly for when it's an independent mod, using multiple APIs from different mods that it doesn't require to have installed to play.

    So, if your addon absolutely NEEDS, say, Forestry and GregTech installed, you can just recompile with the Forestry and GregTech APIs, and then delete the appropriate folders from your final reobfuscated code. But if it NEEDS IC2 installed, and does stuff with BuildCraft, but can run without BuildCraft, then you'd want to use reflection, at least for the BuildCraft API.

    I have a question that may be slightly stupid, but which version of the IC2 beta should I be using with the 1.5.1 version of GregTech? I have a working IC2 install, but when I add GregTech, I get an error about a missing IC2 API method, so I think my version (.289) might be bad. And, heheh, when I tried connecting to the Jenkins to try updating to the most recent beta, or reverting to whatever "recommended" is, Chrome couldn't connect. -.-

    EDIT: This was UniversalElectricty's fault. I got rid of Electric Expansion, which was using an old version of the API. I only used UE because I couldn't use IC2 because an earlier build of IC2 conflicted with Rei's Minimap and I needed IC2 power for MineFactory Reloaded, so I can get rid of that without too much worries.

    Major updates are hectic.

    I'm sure that I can work around this, but this has gotta get fixed soon because not everyone had the default Ids in their worlds.

    Here's what my config file looks like right after generation, by the way:

    I wouldn't want to, for example, play a server hosted by someone who needed an auto-installer, but when you have a bunch of mods you want in one package, using an auto-installer is often a lot easier than installing it yourself piece-by-piece. Would you rather push a button, or download a specialized program so that you can drag files from four compressed files into both one file and four folders?

    That said, I would not use this because IC2 is not the only mod I play with; I use a ton of mods and want to make sure I can get the most compatibility out of them (and so that I really know what I'm putting in there)

    Apparently, putting redstone dust in the bottom of an iron furnace crashes Minecraft, thus corrupting the world because the redstone dust stays in the furnace when the chunks get saved. I haven't tried this yet in 1.70 because I had no idea it had come out yet (yippee) and I'm not sure if putting it in the bottom of a regular furnace does it, either. I'm afraid I can't run the errortest program to get the exact error though, and I'm not even sure IC2 is at the core of the problem (I have a ton of other mods, and I specifically suspect Equivalent Exchange might be to blame if IC2 isn't).

    tried to run it but it doesn't seem to work for some reason. and I mean nothing happened, no crash or anything but no craftable stuff from the mod either and before snarky crap start yeah I unzipped in and put the jar in my mods folder.

    Same issue here. It generated the config file but nothing else happened. It actually had conflicting IDs and there was no error. TMI shows nothing. :huh:

    AND YES, I tried prefixing the name of the RocketScience.jar with z.