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    Hello, I have a suggestion. I think large turbines' "surplus fuel decreases efficiency" mechanics should be removed.

    Currently, according to the source code, if there's more fuel in the input hatches than the optimal flow consumption per tick, a turbine consumes fuel up to 125% of it and the energy output goes down to 75% of optimal flow, which is only 60% fuel efficiency.

    This means, to achieve 100% efficiency, you must insert the exactly the same amount as optimal flow into the hatches every tick.

    This is a huge problem, especially with large gas or plasma turbines because their fuel production is spiky and there are not many way to transport fluid every tick at an finely adjustable rate (actually I couldn't come up with any).

    Steam turbines are less susceptible to this problem because boilers output steam every tick, but they still require non-gregtech smooth fluid transport method (because they seem to transport every few ticks.)

    Regulating fluid flow is an interesting idea, but in reality, it's too hard or complicated to work around to the point there's no point in choosing large turbines over small ones. So I think the mechanics should be removed.