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    You can avoid of using two transformers - use only one.
    3-dotted side faces the batbox, and it still emits 32 eu/t
    If you'll switch it in "upwards" mode it won't send MV-impulses, because the output of the batbox can't recieve power (and miner doesn't generate anything ^_^)

    Now, you can use transformers like a switch cable.
    If you apply redstone to transformer, it will stop emitting MV-pulses

    The two pairs of macerators at the edge are taking 1 eu/t each

    And interesting thing: if i'll move the batbox closer, macerators will take more power, and now, only four of them are flickering!

    But now, in that furnace setup with the induction furnace, the IF works much better ^^
    And i think, now that 5x3 grid of macerators will work nice.

    It has a very little loss, and can't carry even 5 eu/t. It is for solar wiring, i guess... An it is shocky!!! Very shocky... Why does ultra-low voltage shock so hard?

    Not eu. You are losing eu/t
    100m of copper cable.
    LV -> power - 32 eu/t
    Power at the end of the line - 12 eu/t

    100m of gold cable.
    MV -> power - 128 eu/t
    Power at the end of the line. - 88 eu/t

    See? 12/32 is less than 88/128, and thus you are losing more eu, while using the copper cable. At the max power of course - using gold cable to transfer 32 eu/t is not a good idea.

    But that silly glass fiber completely ruins this nice system ._. It is better than any type of cable throughout power range...

    So, is it "No"? ^__^

    Factories - is not the only usage of the fast grinder... For example - coal macerating is very slow process. And usually you need a lot of coal dust. Also, AFAIR, now macerator can't generate dusts as fast as basic electric furnace can smelt them...

    No, i don't mean that they should have exatly the same speed, but we really need a fast grinder... More efficient one... Well it will be nice, but it is too overpowered. The macerator already gives you very big advantage in terms of efficiency.

    No, not more efficient. Just fast one.
    Now we have an awesome induction furnace with the amazing smelting speed, but... You should macerate the ores first. Macerator is good, but it is very slow. Yes, you can use two, four, eight of them, but it is not very comfortable. And if you want to build an automatic factory (with buildcraft), there are no easy way to split ores evenly between some macerators (and you should use a set of macerators for each type of ore), so i think, we need an advanced one.

    I think, the glass fiber cable is overpowered. A am VERY like the new wiring system, but... There are glass fiber, and it makes all the other wires useless. Yes, it is expensive, but not goddamn expensive. 1 diamond - 16 cables... well. Yes, they are useful for crystals and so on, but now we have an awesome miner, which is requiring only 3 diamonds (comparing to IC1 - miner need 16 diamonds for the stack of diamond pipes), and it can mine some new diamonds!. And there are some ways to make diamonds - mass fabricator, industrial diamonds (AFAIK they will be included).
    And what the hell, how could you transfer the ELECTRIC ENERGY with the optic fiber cable?