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    Hey devs !
    When reading the 1.103 changelog, I saw that the manned water mill output was reduced to 1 eu/t. This made me pretty sad, so I changed the value in config to 200 (was 100) to get back the good old 2 eu/t.
    After starting up the game, my mills give me 2 eu/t for a few seconds, then drop to 1. I don' know why this is happening. Maybe you intentionally can't increase it ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hey everyone !

    The latest version of NEI has a tooltip API which allows modders to show stuff, well, on the tooltip.
    Many mods start to use it such as EE2 to show the value of an item, and I was wondering if it could be implemented so that we have the amount of energy left in an electric item, kinda like in the storage units (aka BatBox/MFE/MFSU).
    IE : Mining Drill, and underneath the name something like 10000/10000 EU.
    It would be more precise than that nice durability bar.

    Have a nice day ! ;)

    So this weekend I made the mistake of getting my significant other into Minecraft, and she's asking asking me let her play Rocket Science... and thus here's a quick and dirty compatibility patch. Just getting IC2 properly decompiled was a bear and a half (MCP doesn't handle enums well, among other things), and the way IC2 handles items was radically changed, so I didn't have time to extensively bugtest - let me know if something goes wrong and I might be able to get to it sometime this week.

    Future update plans are as follows. First, I'm going to finish the SSP features I've got partially coded (BuildCraft pipe support, satellite infrastructure, GPS satellite and transponder, mapping satellite, ground-penetrating imaging, orbital ion cannon, missile defense laser, radar dish and defense coordination block, control block for multiple missiles). Hopefully by the time that's finished I'll have found someone to take over the Bukkit conversion; if not, I can't promise anything.

    Geek girls ? LOL this is so strange to me ! I was shocked when I learned Eloraam was a girl, and now I see she's not alone xD.
    Other than that, 0.81 is completely broken. It doesn't work at all, no recipies, nothing in NEI and the creative inv is full of fusion reactors, which are unnamed. -sigh-

    Is the IB version just the port to BC 3.x ?
    It crashes when I place electric engines and then I can't load the world cause it gives me the same error. I have IC2 1.43 and BC 3.1.1. Will give you full mod list if needed.