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    Ohhhhh, :Matter: got :Matter: it. :Matter: But :Matter: not :Matter: to :Matter: make:Matter: you:Matter: mad:Matter: or:Matter: anything,:Matter: but:Matter: in:Matter: real:Matter: life,:Matter: there:Matter: is:Matter: definately:Matter: a:Matter: substance:Matter: that:Matter: can:Matter: be :Matter:formed:Matter: into :Matter:certain:Matter: quantities:Matter: and:Matter: certain:Matter: shapes:Matter: to:Matter: make:Matter: just:Matter: about:Matter: anything:Matter: valuable.:Matter: Definately.:Matter: :/:Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter::Matter:

    What you are suggesting its a cheaper Solar Generator but that consumes 5 times the space for the same EU generation?

    Essentially, yes. And with 5 leaves plus the collector, that would actually be 6 times the space. :3 But yes, that's what I'm saying. I could make the Photocollector harder to craft if that might help...

    Doesnt Photosynthesis also need sunlight (Or at least a strong light) to produce energy?

    If you read all of what I typed, you'd see that I said that when adjacent to the Photocolector, leaves have the same requirements as solar panels. This means they need a clear view of the sky, and only function during the day.

    I think the UU-Matter achievement should be called "It's what matters!"

    Some more:

    Wh-where am I?
    Use a teleporter for the first time.

    Get killed by a tesla coil.

    Your half way there!
    Craft a full nanosuit. (a nanosuit is like a quantum suit, just not AS good)

    I CAN FLYYYYY-*splat*
    Have your jetpack run out of energy in mid-flight.

    Craft a composite vest.

    Cut down a tree with a chainsaw.

    Yum yum, tin!
    Consume some canned food (and the can).

    F*** OFF, DEATH!
    Craft a quantum suit.

    Craft some dynamite.

    IT WON'T COME OF-*boom*
    Craft some sticky dynamite.

    Alblaka, I have an idea for you. You should make a machine (I don't know what to call it) that when it's surrounded by leaves on the top and 4 sides, it produces 1 EU per tick, or 1/5 the amount that solar panels produce. When adjacent to the machine, the leaves have the same requirements as the solar panels do. Just an idea that I had, please reply back to me concerning whether or not it is possible/practical. If you completely dismiss it, I would understand, you probably have dozens of ideas that are way better!

    :Uranium: :Cable: :Uranium:
    :Tin Dust: :Generator: :Tin Dust:
    :Uranium: :Cable: :Uranium:

    :Uranium: =Leaves
    :Tin Dust: =Sugar (a byproduct of photosynthesis IRL. Something inside me said it needed to be included in the recipe :D )