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    First post after much lurking!

    I'm not sure about the tiers on these

    -Tier 5
    -A reedy, black grass
    -Appearance: Recolored Tall-grass? (black)
    -Gain: Carbon Fibers
    -Attributes: Carbon, black, Low-light
    -Special abilitys/effects: Flammable, Easily trampled

    -Tier 5
    -A really tall grass used for biofuel production (…/2008/07/080730155344.htm)
    -Appearance: See the photo in the article. Perhaps a recolored tall wheat?
    -Gain: Grass stalks, fed through the extractor :Extractor: , then canned :Canning Machine: directly into bio-fuel cells :Bio Cell:
    -Attributes: Tall, brown
    -Special abilitys/effects: Impassable (The grass clumps are far too thick to simple walk through) Flammable, Easily trampled, Requires direct sunlight, soil does not need to be irrigated Not sure whether i can relink the blockbounds to TE. Shoudl be possible

    (I know solar plants are common on this thread but I hope this is a unique idea at least)
    -Tier 8
    -A flower that, when grown in the area around a special generator, produces power I wont add new machines just to work with one specific plant (Perhaps use the regular, existing generator?) (Maybe make the Solar Panel more efficient based on Solaria nearby?)
    -Appearance: A broad light-blue flower
    -Gain: A special generator produces power based on how many of these flowers are growing around it (Like the watermill :Water Mill: )
    -Attributes: Short,Solar
    -Special abilitys/effects: Requires irrigation, direct sunlight, application of carbon dust :Coal Dust: to grow [Possible?] Nope (Mix the seeds with carbon dust in the crafting grid to make them plantable?)