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    Ehhhhh... What?

    I think what he's trying to say is that your port is redundant (since Al already has one working), that he doesn't appreciate your input (don't know why), and that he doesn't like that you aren't letting the matter drop (not 100% on that last part)

    Me though, I have to give you props for attempting this. :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: For the effort, even if it wasn't sanctioned.

    First post after much lurking!

    I'm not sure about the tiers on these

    -Tier 5
    -A reedy, black grass
    -Appearance: Recolored Tall-grass? (black)
    -Gain: Carbon Fibers
    -Attributes: Carbon, black, Low-light
    -Special abilitys/effects: Flammable, Easily trampled

    -Tier 5
    -A really tall grass used for biofuel production (…/2008/07/080730155344.htm)
    -Appearance: See the photo in the article. Perhaps a recolored tall wheat?
    -Gain: Grass stalks, fed through the extractor :Extractor: , then canned :Canning Machine: directly into bio-fuel cells :Bio Cell:
    -Attributes: Tall, brown
    -Special abilitys/effects: Impassable (The grass clumps are far too thick to simple walk through) Flammable, Easily trampled, Requires direct sunlight, soil does not need to be irrigated Not sure whether i can relink the blockbounds to TE. Shoudl be possible

    (I know solar plants are common on this thread but I hope this is a unique idea at least)
    -Tier 8
    -A flower that, when grown in the area around a special generator, produces power I wont add new machines just to work with one specific plant (Perhaps use the regular, existing generator?) (Maybe make the Solar Panel more efficient based on Solaria nearby?)
    -Appearance: A broad light-blue flower
    -Gain: A special generator produces power based on how many of these flowers are growing around it (Like the watermill :Water Mill: )
    -Attributes: Short,Solar
    -Special abilitys/effects: Requires irrigation, direct sunlight, application of carbon dust :Coal Dust: to grow [Possible?] Nope (Mix the seeds with carbon dust in the crafting grid to make them plantable?)