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    There are multiple sources of kinetic energy. Would you rather have several versions of each of the consumers? Like one hand-cranked lathe, one steam powered, one electric etc?

    You can really just get rid of the Turning Table and nobody will care. Just remove the handle from the Laser and replace the drill bit in the Diamond Drill with a Lapotron or something.

    What's wrong with the kinetic system?

    Nothing really, but there's only one machine that runs on it, which is a PITA to set up and does barely anything. If we can think of more uses (and a clever name) for it, it'd actually be pretty nice, but for now, it isn't the best.

    Glowstone Flux (gF) would be moved with molten glowstone. Molten Glowstone is made in a series of Melters, much like the heat generators of today. These would include a solid- and liquid-fueled melter, an electric-based one, a reactor and a radioisotope thermoelectric melter (RTM). Machinery powered by this would output Glowstone Dust so it is a closed loop, and would include the Blast Furnace, the Glowstone Generator (generates RF) and the Fermenter. Figured that since EU is being replaced, might as well make Heat more fitting.

    Can I quickly suggest something? I don't want you to get rid of the heat-based power systems, but giving it a new name would be nice. Also, please add new mechanics to make it more interesting. My idea is Glowstone Flux (gF). Moved using molten glowstone, much like how heat is moved through mlten salt in real life. Any heat-based machinery will output Glowstone Dust which would be re-melted and put back into the system. KU should go, but keep the wind generator for RF.

    Well that's not quite how a diesel engine works, you can't cool it by putting something in the fuel, it must be on a separate circuit, perhaps normal reactor coolant would suffice, or plain old water and distilled water (the later preventing calification like on a steam generator). Also fans, reactor vents or overclocked vents and so forth could be put in to cool it. Maybe when the vent is added, it would even modify the texture to show the vent being there, by the radiator.

    I know, but I want to use the brewing system in this. Maybe put IC2 Coolant in the brew to make it more obvious, and the time fermenting would multiply the EU/t and burn time slightly?

    Having ethanol seems like a nice idea, but I'd reccomend having the generator not randomly explode, instead have it require cooling and if cooling's not provided, then explode, also perhaps ethanol should be put in universal fluid cells (because they should take more than fluids, gases or semi-fluids as well). That being said, I'd really like to see this fuel type put in. Perhaps many more should be added at once, ethanol, kerosene, and bio-diesel. All made from plants and perhaps in the fermenter not in the booze barrel, much like biogas is being made now. This would also be a great oportunity to implement a diesel generator maybe?
    And I don't mean something like this:
    More like this:…/photo-g/8983-6027385.jpg or this:…ator_on_an_oil_tanker.jpg

    I guess, I like the idea of expanding the brewing system. They could be put in cells, that works. But the coolant could be the water in the brew, and now we just need a time fermenting modifier...

    Basically, Ethanol would be made in a Booze Barrel but with Nether and Terra Wart instead of Hops and Wheat. Much like Beer, it is a modular fuel and is not a fluid despite it seeming like one. This is put into an "Ethanol Generator" to get power. Nether Wart will add more burn time, and Terra Wart will add more EU/t. Ethanol Generators will have a chance to explode, which decreases with two factors: the more Water you put in it and the amount of time it takes fermenting. You will put it into a new Mug type, Reinforced Stone Mugs, made with Reinforced Stone.