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    found a bug:

    gregtech scoops don't work with forestry butterflies (tested with titanium scoop). I was not able to catch one with it, tried 5+ times. right mouse would not do anything, left mouse would hit and damage him.
    After I changed to a forestry scoop it worked first try.

    are there plans for more advanced/modern burning boxes in the future?

    I'm asking because my image for the already existing ones are for the solid: a simple brick-fireplace in which wood/coal is burned; liquid: a bowl with fuel you try to light; gas: simply valve with gas coming out of it.

    So as I was refilling my heating furnace yesterday I thought that the solid burning box reminds me of the old one (pretty much a Iron Box with water around it). We bought a new one a year ago (a wood gasifier), with automatic ignition, air regulation....).

    My suggestion for more advanced/modern burning boxes would be:
    -they use a constant (low) amount of Electrical energy
    -more efficient (at least my new one uses less wood than the old one)
    -solid: something like a burning box paired with an ignitor, electronic control unit and fan
    -liquid: burning box paired with pump (for pressure), nozzle, igniter, electronic control unit and fan
    -gas: no real idea maybe nearly the same as the liquid

    is it possible to implement something like this or does it not fit the style of the mod?

    I like the changes that are coming.

    Finally an easier way to get molten metals, not only with a smelter (tungsten vain, I can't find you... ;( , had to centrifuge lava for it)

    But I am also slightly afraid to fry my base after updating.

    ok, i also encountered the problem, that the dial of a boiler goes to 0, but it did not look as if it was a problem of the boiler or pipe specific

    this problem occured in my magnetic separator system (pictures) the burning box was still running, the boiler showed 0 on its dial (start position when you place it), it looked like the dynamo was not running, the batterybox was empty (no red dot flashing, battery 0 charge) but the magnetic separator still turned on and off all the time. I removed the batterybox, boiler, and burning box and the magnetic separator turned still on and off without any power supply. so I removed him to but you could still hear him turning off and on.

    I logged out and came back. sound problem fixed. then I noticed my second boiler in the background was still running normally but the railcraft engine was cooled down and started to get heated up again what means it did not get steam for a time. I checked and noticed that both of them are in the same chunk. Could it be that the chunk bugged out and reset all the pipe contents, wait not possible the methan pipe for the burning box is in the same chunk...

    I will write again if this problem occurs a second time, was the first time it happened in 2 weeks since i play that savegame again.

    It seems you didn't read the changelog in order to understand the purpose of the LIQUID burning boxes: they only burn LIQUIDS not GASES to generate HU.

    ok, thought it would be something like that. But I still asked the question because hydrogen gets shown as a burnable fuel in NEI and in the left corner (or was it the right......) you see the Liquid-Burning-Boxes.

    found something that confuses me a little:

    correct me if I am mistaken somewhere:

    dynamo: EU/RU = 3/4 (LV-Dynamo: 24EU/32RU = 3/4)

    turbine: RU/Steam = 1/3 (Invar-Turbine: 32RU/96Steam = 1/3)

    so if I want to output 32EU: 32EU/x = 3/4 -> x = 32EU * 4/3 = (42 + 2/3)RU (42.666666...)

    If I want to know how much Steam I need: (42 + 2/3)RU/y = 1/3 -> y = (42 + 2/3)RU * 3 = 128 Steam

    so I thought if I use a Dense-Invar-Burning Box and Strong-Lead-Boiler I get exactly 32 EU.

    Ok, now I want to power an LV-Electrolyser with 64EU.

    I Simply built this Setup twice and connected it with a LV-Battery-Box on the bottom of the electrolyser

    And here comes my problem:

    With one battery and 1 boiler running the system is not working / the electrolyzer goes on and off all the time.

    With both boilers and both batteries (for 64EU) it is also not running (surprise)

    so I charged the batteries somewhere else and put them in. The System is now running but the batteries are slowly losing charge.

    can somebody tell me if my math is off somewhere or do I have an energy lose somewhere?

    Ps: Pictures of my setup in the attachments.