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    not? Hm feeling retardet right now...then just forget about it, i got the outer chunks editet with MCedit so that they regenerate (aka deleting them) and now we have only 3000 forestry-ores :D

    anyways thanks for the help guys :)

    Argelbargel y u use strange letters xD cant read this stuff

    (and never, NEVER use google translator to german for this, almost died laughing when the text to speech engine read this XD )

    Meh... So we have to live with the 6000 wrong ores^^ Could it work if i load the world in SSP (i know 1.3 is always serverbased) and remove the blocks with Singleplayer commands? I have absolutely no experience with that mod so if anyone of you has an idea if that is possible please let me know


    Erm now im a bit confused. I managed it to replace the Ores with Stone but now all my Monazit (the ore from MFFS-Mod) turned into nukes. i checked the IDs, in Minecraft the nuke has 237 and the monazit something by 4000 in MCedit the ore gets converted to nukes directly when i open the level. quite strange. any idea why?

    also all my iron chests turned into apatite ore o.O

    Ah i feel so stupid right now >_> didnt know that i can type in blocks that dont appear in the list below. I disabled already the generation of new ores, directly after noticing the mistake and deletet the outer chunks with MCedit.

    Thanks for the help guys :D

    Hey Guys :) i have a little problem on our server. We have a bunch of mods installed, IC2 and forestry are part of them. I disabled forestry ore generation but it didnt worked quite well (maybe i disabled it clientside and just forgot it o.O)
    Whatever, the main problem is that we have now a bunch of chunks with Forestry ore that we dont want. I had a bit experience with MCedit, i know how to select and replace the vanilla blocks but even after analysing the whole map (with succes, it tells me that MCedit found a bunch of modded blocks) the mod blocks dont appear in the "replace" menu. any idea how i can manage that? I watched a bunch of MCedit tutorials but noone seems to use it with mods.

    hope you can help me :)


    Hm kay o.O Strange... Anyways, Richard you told us to look in the loot chest for IC2 items, I made 15 worlds just to find out whats items can spawn in it. I just get the treetap >_< can you post a list of what is supposed to be in there? feeling a little retardet atm xD

    OH my god how awesome is that :D didnt test it with .107 cause you didnt mentioned it. anyways great work !
    One last thing, is it possible to turn the EU-tooltips off? Maybe as an config option? Its a nice feature but we use a mod to show the energy on the items and in the HUD.

    Awesome :) I have one last question, is it at the moment possible that you dont get the hurt sound if you are in full quantum or in rubberboots when hitting the ground? I know that there were discussions about this a a few month ago that this has to do with missin forge hooks...
    any chance that this gets fixed?

    RichardG can you include the quantum/jetpackfix/scaffold in 1.107 release? would be nice cause its annoying as hell to help all members to install the fix >_>

    Anyway, tested around with the beta release, server works fine now, normal CPU usage, no idea why it was so high yesterday. no appearance of ghost-net , i just noticed one thing, i think the refill of the sprayer is still too low, in 1.97 i was able to refill the sprayer by surrounding it with 8 pellets in the crafting table, in 1.106/107 its only half full, yesterday it looked normally... maybe i was sleeping already xD

    Hey, just tested some of the listed stuff:

    Forge .298

    -Enet Ghosts = fixed, also the 30 seconds explosions

    -CF-Sprayers fixed, crafting seems normal, normal foam usage while using

    -Zero fall damage while wearing rubber/quantum boots

    -full jetpacks from NEI/Creative menu

    -Scrapboxes and dynamite get used/lit when fired from dispenser fixed. HAYO!

    -Mininglaser is no longer a valid fuel (tested in normal and iron furnace as well as BC stirling engine)

    -geogens dont accept liquids like applejuice/crushed ice

    -NEI Energylevel on tools works fine.

    awesome build RichardG :)

    keep it up

    edit* now testing on server

    One thing i noticed with the build is that our server has now ~15% CPU usage with this build, one chunkloader is on the server. with v1.106 we have ~6% CPU usage. No idea why. just as a note :)

    Why would you install RP2 or Buildcraft if you replace all the funny stuff with ONE allmighty block? Isnt it Fun to Build a factory with many Pipes, complicated redstonestuff, powerlines and so on? would be retardet to implement this block!