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    @TreeCutter Advanced Machines isn't compatible with IC2 1.64 yet! I'm also not sure about about the BuildCraft version you've got, or forestry for that matter? I don't use forestry so not sure but am sure I caught an error between IC2 and forestry caused by Forge or some such.
    I think you also need to update ModLoaderMP.

    You could try looking into ID_resolver, but it is a little awkward to use and may also produce conflicts or errors with other mods lol! But it can give you a full list of block ID's and how many are free.

    Or you could try finding what mod your using that has taken block 188 and change its number instead...
    Suggest - take out this mod. Run minecraft and, using something like NEI or ToManyItems, try and find the block 188.
    Then you can change the ID in the .minecraft/config folder. Exit minecraft - readd this mod and see if it works or crashes out again?

    okay... I tried re-numbering the guiId tags in the .conf file. It didn't help as such! Still crashes my original save file.
    I'm thinking my original save file file has become corrupted beyond saving as nothing seems to be helping now.
    However I copied over an older save file (backup from a few days ago) and all seems well now?
    I don't understand this as nothing is diffrent at all barring inconsiquential diffrences, a plant here, a tree there, a bit of a bigger whole where the buildcraft quarry is a few days behind lol!!!
    Ah well - will keep you informed if anything changes...

    tried renaming to load 1st. No diffrence.
    As an additional - it appears to have corrupted my save file...
    I have no removed and replaced each add-on to try and verify which was causing the problem and I no loger can load my original save world.
    Loading a new world works fine without the crossover addon but crashes with the guiId error after a few seconds of loading the world and wondering around!

    Good job I took a backup of my save world before doing this - only lost a bit of digging time on the buildcraft quarry. Just tested my last backup save to see if thats ok - as long as BCIC2 isn't loaded works fine. Add BCIC2 and it crashes and corrupts???

    Okies - I'm getting an error with this ad-on to! Same as others have mentioned - the "RegisterGUI error: inventoryType already registered." error.

    Problem is:
    Without this mod. Everything runs fine

    With this mod everything seems to work fine until I head over to a buildcraft quarry at which point my game crashes out giving me that error in modloader.txt!

    Mods I have installed:

    Rei's Minimap
    BCIC2crossover client
    Buildcraft client A core, B - Builders, energy, factory, transport. 2.2.12
    Buildcrafts DA additional pipes-32-2
    CraftGuide 1.4.0
    IC2 1.64
    Redpower 2.0pr4d Core, Logic, and Wiring.

    So whats with this Gui error? And can it be fixed?
    I was assuming I could just change the guiID's in the BCIC2Crossover.cfg file from:

    to something else. But not knowing what is available I'm unsure...

    Added modloader.txt as word limit hit


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    Just thought I'd see if this is what is being seen.
    I built a lapatron Batt. Pack and using it with Laser sometimes when power runs out from bat pack and laser the bat pack disappears.
    It isn't constant, not everytime. But I've now built 5 Lapatron Bat.Packs and had them all disappear this way.
    Clearing a moutain :) I like the laser blaster effect