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    What about an upgrade to the fusion reactor, the Star Reactor: basically, a miniature star whose energies are contained and harnessed. Maybe more resources and care would need to go towards containment and much more energy to get started, but far more efficient fuel-wise and far more output, or something like that. Of course, any potential containment failure could have some disastrous results...

    Or maybe a Mr. Fusion type thing where you can put anything in the reactor as fuel, but it takes a huge volume of stuff and produces very little energy. But maybe it's, like, infinitely scaleable: anything you put in it gets used as fast as possible, as long as you keep supplying it with insane amounts of fuel.

    Ah well, just ideas. Really glad this mod is being worked on, in whatever form it takes.

    Maybe you could have a chat with XCompWiz. Unless you're thinking of designing a completely new way of travel, I imagine one would travel to the procedurally generated worlds via switching dimensions, kind of like Mystcraft. Maybe you can borrow a bit of his code, use some API, or he can give you some advice. Nonetheless, I'm most excited to see new reactors: Fusion reactors, Fusion-Fission perpetuity reactors, mini-suns and mini-sun reactors, black holes and black hole reactors, and supernova missiles. Seeing any of them at all would be fantastic, but any changes you can make to add to their complexity would also be fantastic. Maybe not IC2 Nuclear Reactor complex, but... complex. I don't know if such things will be in your final release, but a man can dream, right?

    Well crap. I was gonna start a new playthrough, but now Kent comes back. Should I wait even longer? Should I go ahead and start and add this later? I'm so torn. You've tantalized my gamer soul and piqued my eternal love for all things science. How dare you, Kent, throw the giant wrench in my plans that is a new toy. Now I must wait, in patience, steep, and build my excitement for the developments to come. How dare you.

    It's just a name. If you want, you could just rename the zip file to whatever you want, not like the name matters too much. In the end, it all matters what's in the mod, and the original Rocket Science has aspects of both Rockets and Science. In reality, though, splitting one mod into two, then managing both mods separately is kind of an unnecessary hassle for the author. Unless they want to double their workload, more work for the author means less content for the player. If there's an aspect of a mod you don't want, simply don't use it. I avoid overpowered or easy-mode kinds of additions myself, since it's too much of a temptation to use them, but as calc stated, it's a matter of personal preference. Besides, you never know if you might one day, while blowing your enemies to smithereens, decide you could go for a fusion reactor.

    EDIT: Made my post sound less angry or bitter. Not that I was actually angry or bitter.

    I would love to take over or at least help make this mod, if I get permission from the author I will help update and get this mod working perfect in 1.2.5.

    There's currently a second thread in this forum where someone wants to takeover rocket science, with some ideas floating around: Rocket Science IC2-based Takeover

    CrazyCrafter seems to be working on the takeover as a whole so you can talk to him, and
    is working on ICBM as sort of a successor to the SMP rocket aspect of Rocket Science. Talk to those guys to see how you can help, they both frequent the forums.

    Well. I'm glad some new discussion more productive than "update for 1.2.5!" is being generated for RS, but I'm kind of sad the original didn't go much further. I would like to see a lot more go into the Fusion Reactor. I could care less about destruction beyond the nuke rocket. Space exploration is nice, but it doesn't really fit well with minecraft's mechanics. Maybe it would fit as sort of an addon or similar mod to Mystcraft, where other planets are very simply dimensions, without much travel through actual space.

    What I'm interested in is the fusion reactor. I would like to see fusion reactors become more automate-able and more to be done with them. It's like it adds an entirely new method of power generation, but there's nothing that uses it. I'd like some more machines involving the new method, maybe make it a new tier of power generation and run machines off the Extreme or Ultra-High voltage. Maybe, even, the fission and fusion reactors can be combined to create a "Mini-Star" which generates much more energy for the same amount of fuel. I find myself really wishing I just had that new super-conductive cabling, which is even more efficient than the Glass Fibre Cabling, and would work well with some mods (like the lightning rod mod) and their issues in dealing with higher voltage
    costs/generation. It would add a whole new platform for mods, and maybe Nuclear Control can add some stuff for the new generators.

    Some ideas, for anyone who wants to run with them, that could potentially use this new tier of power generation (or just the old one) could be the Singularity Machine, which would be capable of creating singularities to massively compress items, at the cost of an extreme amount of power. It wouldn't be like the singularity condenser from advanced machines, it would be something new which could take any item and add it to a "Black Hole" item, which is essentially a repository for matter. You pop the black hole into a mass fabricator or something like it, and it converts it or "decompresses" it over time into UU matter or something, kind of like a ginormous stack of scrap. Maybe you could even hook one of these up to a rocket and launch it off to an enemy where it would create a singularity where it lands, sucking everything around it into a black hole before disappearing. Maybe you could turn it into a singularity miner, which mines things like a laser or drill, but much faster, and adds it instantly to a black hole in it's inventory.

    Then there's other ideas for this new age of power, like a plasma generator that creates a new liquid or item that's a super version of lava. It could burn through blocks, destroying their items, and hurt anything that even gets close to it. Maybe you could have a plasma-cutter tool, or a plasma cannon weapon which is like a re-chargeable gun that can destroy blocks as well as enemies. Maybe you can make a plasma bomb and attach it to a rocket to spread plasma all over the target, damaging anything near it and burning holes through any blocks it touches. Maybe you won't need a plasma generator, but it would be a sort of by-product of a "Mini-Star". Maybe you could make a Plasma Injector (made from plasma of course) that would reduce the startup heat/electricity costs of the fusion reactor and the mini-star.

    The possibilities when looking to modern science and science-fiction are endless. You could even go for time travel integrated into singularities, if you want to go that route of Astrophysics Theory. Maybe the mod could just be called, "Industrial Science" or just, "Science."

    Yes, but would it be possible to include both the previous version of the sourcecode and the new version in such a way that mods can use either version of the sourcecode, and their interactivity with the game runs through the different version of IC? Essentially, it would be two mods, each a different version, rolled into one. The new version would be designated a completely separate mod from the old version and both are updated like a hand-me down with one mod always being a version behind the other. The two would combine all items, blocks, etc. for the player so they don't see any difference, but in reality the stuff they see comes from two different sets of the same data. The advantage of this, is that addons can use either sourcecode to become dependent on, so that they don't have to necessarily update in order for the addon to work with the new version, but they won't be able to take advantage of the new version's improved sourcecode without updating it, and if they still don't update it a second version in a row, the mod would become unusable like normal.

    In the end, I haven't seen the IC2 code, so I wouldn't know how it would be done, but the idea is there.

    I'm sure this is a topic brought up before, so I'm hesitant to ask, but how about some backwards compatibility? As in, mods that utilize the IC 1.95 infrastructure can still be used in 1.97. I'm not sure how much time or effort it would take to do that, but it seems like every time IC2 is updated addon authors have to update their stuff or it's completely unusable without using the old version. Am I wrong? It seems like it might be a worthwhile (not necessarily easy) thing to have both past and current program infrastructure rolled into the same version, and let addons choose which set to run from on a case-by case basis. I'm not saying it's easy, but would it be worth it? Perhaps, to lessen the time spent on such a thing, backwards compatibility could be relegated to every .1 versions, so 1.9 addons are compatible with 1.8, and 2.0 addons will be compatible with 1.9? Maybe you can put compatibility-altering changes all in those versions, I don't know, but it's a thought.

    The fusion reactor is cool, but what I really need is that wet-dry vac. There is no simple way to get a large amount of water cells without a BC pump sucking up all my sourceblocks. I can't even use striped pipes to pick up water with a bucket and send it to a bucket filler or automatic crafting table. Honestly, I'd pay 100 diamonds in resources for a wet dry vac, but all the diamonds in the world can't roll this forward to IC 1.97. All I can do now is wait. Wish there was some kind of backwards-compatibility in IC.

    I don't know, but I feel, somehow, that chests would be a good place to start. When you put them next to each other, they essentially stop becoming two chests and become a single item that takes up more than one block of space. The individual blocks, from what I can see, cease to exist and a whole new creation or "entity" (in a general sense, not the technical term in minecraft programming) is in it's place. That's how I imagine these solar arrays would work, only on a much larger scale. The game doesn't have to calculate the EU/t output of each individual panel and wire, but instead only the output of the single "entity" and one wire connecting to it, theoretically allowing an infinitely sized array without increased server/cpu load. I don't know if this is the case, nor if such a thing is really practical; it may require more programming than it's worth, but would essentially solve the problem many people have.

    Just an idea, take it or leave it: Would it be possible, in order to solve both these balance and server load issues, to modify the way the existing solar panels work in that when you place a solar panel next to another solar panel, those two sort of morph together and act as a single entity? Kind of like chests do with extended inventory. I don't know how that would be done, so I'm not sure if that helps the server load issue, but the idea is that you wouldn't have to calculate the EU/t for each individual panel, just the whole "Array" of panels. You would run a wire from any panel in the array, and presto, you've got power.

    That's essentially how solar arrays work in reality. It would be nonsense to hook a wire to each individual solar panel, but they each can conduct electricity to the panel next to them.

    Also, to compensate for the lack of extra wiring in such a system, you could make it an advanced solar panel, crafted from a solar panel and some tin or copper wire (also inspired from reality). It would output the same amount of power, but only it would be capable of connecting with others of it's kind.

    Now I'm not trying to rehash the debate about solar panel balance, it seems it was a heated topic back in the day, but it might be a cool idea, even if it doesn't really solve any issue.

    Nah, wasn't intending on brute forcing it, but writing an AI program to do it. Still not going to be the fastest thing in the world, but it'll get there. Not as if I'll say: "Try everything, and hope it works." Basically, I'm going to work on a simple brute force, and add in shortcut after shortcut, like the efficiency of using as many slots as possible, the realization that fitting the entire thing with uranium cells probably isn't a good idea, the importance of more cooling cells, and less heat dispensers, while not melting things. Basically a copy of me, but a far more compliant-to-do-absurd-and-menial-tasks version. Sure it might take some time, and that time might be better spent elsewhere, but hell why not? On a separate note, if that planner was done in java it would save me a lot of time to throw me some of that code as a starter.

    Right, so as much as I love sitting here messing with the planner trying to achieve an extra 1 effective EU/t, and that there's magic to discovering things manually, I'm just a smidgen curious as to the possible configurations. So, I'm gonna write a program to do it for me. Heck, I'll even do it in java just for kicks. Heck, I might even give out the source code and post it here when I'm done or have a working prototype. Heck, I might even start right now... What I'd like to know, is A. Has it been done, and B. Does anyone care? See you in a few days.

    Hey, I'm new to the forum and pretty new to nuclear engineering but a bit of messing around with the planner gave me this:


    As far as I can tell (though I haven't tested it in-game) it's slightly better than the Mark V in the post. In addition to having 2 more effective EU/t (not much really) it's cheaper to make, and has 8 extra slots for whatever nonsense you want to do. Ice blocks especially will quintuple the effective EU/t.