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    OK, calm down everyone. The mod is currently in an extremely buggy alpha version. All prior versions of this mod were deeply ingrained in the IC2 basecode, and the increasing difficulty in de/recompiling it has necessitated the recoding of this mod to only use the open-source API. This means that portions of the code are being completely rewritten to complete this task. Once the MAJOR bugs are removed, I'll probably post it up as a beta version. I'm hoping no later than Monday, but I make no promises. I will however post an update either way by then.

    That's AWESOME!!! Thanks! Best guess as the new code stands now... how many Block IDs should it consume? I'm struggling on available IDs all around and want to ensure I have enough available once you release :thumbup:

    Thanks again

    In my company the designers are REQUIRED to communicate updates with the clients everyday, these progress reports let my clients know how their project is progressing and creates a relationship that is beyond just creating something and moving on to the next customer #.

    The only thing is, we are not clients. In an environment you are describing, and in which I work, there are often multi-million dollar contracts involved. We haven't paid one red cent to either Al nor Zip.

    Furthermore, they are doing this on their free time and from the goodness of their heart for a project they love... in the end, they owe us absolutely nothing. They can decide to quit the projecvt altogether and end development of IC2 and/ior Advanced Machines... and there is nothing we can do or say about it.

    Don't get me wrong. I agree with the principle of what you are trying to convey... but comparing a Corporate Consulting Contract to a Gaming Mod Pet Project... is like comparing a McDonald's hambuger to a filet mignon.

    You know it's really not that difficult.

    If you don't like Advanced Machines... then DON'T INSTALL IT.

    Don't chastise and harp on those of us that do want it in our game. Who are you to tell me what i can, and cannot install on MY pc.

    If you think Advanced Machines are too overpowered... then leave this thread and go download some other add-on somewhere else. No one is twisting your arm to use this add-on.

    Discussion closed.

    Slowest updater in the world

    SERIOUSLY!? First and foremost. The mod maker has NO obligation to you or anyone else here. He makes this add on for FREE, on his own time and without asking for anything in return.

    Second, if you bothered to read the last few posts, he specifically states that he completely rewriting the mod code from scratch so that pleebs like you don't have to wait long for updates when MC and/or IC update their code.

    Finally, to create an account simply to complain that it's taking too long shows cowardice, disrespect and immaturity. You probably already have an old account here already and just created this one to be a troll.

    You don't deserve the right to download this mod once it is available.

    "I disagree with the 'whoops I moved my refrigerator and now it's broken whoops' part of IC2"

    I agree completely!! Especially seeing as most 2nd and 3rd tier machines require the 1st tier in their recipe. If I want to replace my Electric Furnace with an Induction Furnace... I need that Electric Furnace as a base material.

    Awesome add-on!!

    Is there a Wiki or user guide for this mod? I'm loving what I have discovered so far on my own and from direwofl20's review... but there are some items that he didn't review and I have no idea what they do...

    Particularly the MFDevice. I've tried to search the forum thread, but it just gave me bug reports and status updates,

    Any help you be appreciated, thanks.