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    Yes, I'm using Bukkit. More specifically, the Technic/Tekkit pack
    version 1.1.4, which includes Bukkit 1.0.1-R1. The only bukkit plugins in use are worldedit/worldguard,
    a backup script, and a plugin that creates a chest with your inventory
    when you die. I don't *think* any of those should cause interference.

    More information: I've since identified two types of inaccuracies.
    There are whole areas that don't work with solar panels, as previously
    described. The areas that this happens in will also tend to spawn mods
    during the day and have strange shadow behavior. Therefore I think that
    this buggy behavior is due to some type of widespread lighting level
    bug. I'm unsure whether this is due to Industrialcraft or not.

    2) However, I've also experienced some 'random' single block where solar
    panels won't work. For example, I built a solar panel array on top of
    my factory of approximately 100 panels, and maybe 5/100 didn't work when
    placed. This doesn't seem to be related to the widespread lighting
    inaccuracy described in (1).

    Do you have any advice as to how I may proceed to help debug these problems?


    When right-clicked, they do *not* show the light up picture. They function as if it was nighttime, with no light up picture and no output. I will play around with the wiring to see if replacing it fixes the problem, but I have moved that miner setup completely already, so the wiring has already been done multiple times in different ways. Additionally, if I take down the solar panels and move them to the factory solar flower, they work as expected.

    I'm not running anything except the Tekkit pack, which was installed 2 days ago. I have disabled some of the mods in the pack, but nothing IC-related. I can try re-enabling all of the standard Tekkit mods to see if that fixes the problem, if you would like me to. I am a degreed electrical engineer, so I'm pretty good at debugging these problems if you can point me in the right direction as I have no MC mod experience. :D

    Problem: Some of my solar panels produce power just fine. Some others do not. As illustrated in the attached screenshots, the solar flower that is on top of my factory works as intended. However, the solar panels above my miner produce no output at all. I've taken them down multiple times and replaced them, the wiring is tin and is < 39 in length, and the cable is attached to the input of the batbox. I'm stymied as to what is the cause of this and any help would be appreciated.

    I'm running the Tekkit (with a few mods taken out) on SMP with IC2 v1.43b-cb1597-r2