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    Hello, I know this is my first post on this site but if you don't know me i'm Cooldudepoke on the Minecraft Forums.

    I attempted porting IC2 1.43 to Minecraft 1.1 and I succeeded!

    I need permission to release it though.

    Anyway Here's some Proof:

    And Another Image:

    Anyway Thanks for reading my post. Hopefully I'll be able to release this unofficial(and mostly untested) IC2 release for Minecraft 1.1.

    PS: If your one of the devs and such can you please let me know if I can release this. If not it doesn't matter it just means people will have to wait longer.

    Todo List:
    1. Port IC2 to 1.1 Complete
    2. Port Buildcraft to 1.1

    ~ Cooldudepoke