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    Right on, I just checks a database that FTB maintains of all the most is knows about (which is virtually all of them) and it mentioned that Sampler was a request for access type of mod. Thank you for your time good sir. Peace.

    Thanks man. I have been out of the community for the last several months due to life issues and the resulting stress. Everything is better now, the main issue was that my wife and I needed to find a new apartment on rather short notice. We were tenants at will for many years and the rent was very low. He told us that a family member needed the place, but in actuality it was likely that then wanted to renovate and raise the rent. They have the right to thrive in life and it's their property, but it was still a rough Christmas.

    I am currently preparing a new update to Ascension of the Technomancer, and I was actually hoping to include your mod Sampler in the new update. It's a pretty massive pack, so performance issues are a thing to be concerned about. I would include Opis/Mapwriter, but it crashes the pack, presumably due to my use of Not Enough Ids to extend the block ID max (Advent of Ascension doesn't make much use of block meta data). Sampler would help fill this gap nicely.

    I was having Nether generation failures in my pack Ascension of the Technomancer with 5.09.29 due to an interaction between GT + ChromaticCraft + Magic Bees. I have just tested out 5.09.30pre3 and it worked like a charm, no more nether gen issues and it's a massive sized pack with tons of world gen modifiers (especially in the nether). Give it a try and see if it fixes your issues too.