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    Welcome here slave of the grind.

    Thank you. :) And I would not have it any other way! ;)

    To be exact about mass fab: All tiers can draw up to 10amp so remember when wireing them up. They use less. All need same EU per UUM and double the speed per tier, so needed amps half each time. 8Amp(+loss) on LV, 4Amp MV, 0.5Amp on IV.

    Ah! *facepalm* I did not think to test at different voltages; I just assumed Amperage was constant. That is very helpful, thanks.

    About the pyrolyse oven: Did you change the circuit in the gui slot? That is a different one to notice there is nitrogen and it just runs the default one without.

    Yes. I'm definitely using ICs with "Configuration == 2" for the Nitrogen/Nytrogen (I presume the odd spelling is a Greg-ism) charcoal ovens and "Config == 1" on the Bio Chaff/Biomass ovens.

    Well, the output is per tick, so 20x per sec. That way it fits into the output hatches just fine. But i might need to slow down the LHE a bit.

    Just to butt in here, I'm currently working on a lava-fed Superheated Steam LHE. Based on this I reckon I should get 80k L/sec SHS from 1k L/sec lava. According to my calculations that will be able to power 5 Large Turbines with HSS-E or Haderoth (I like Metallurgy 3) turbine blades (30k L/s optimal flow - ie. we're talking big-ass, high-end, expensive blades) with the SHS and a further 5 Large Turbines with Blue Steel or Inolashite (15/16k L/s optimal flow) with normal steam (ie. 10 LTs with just half 1 LHE's capacity, though I could have a couple less steam ones)!

    So, yes, I'd agree re. maybe slowing it down a bit. Might I suggest that you keep the lava-to-steam/SHS/energy ratio the same though? It is fairly eye-watering as is. A higher LHE-to-LT ratio would be also be good from a point of aesthetics, I mean look at all that unbalanced/empty space (LHE is hidden behind tank)! Very bad for one's Feng Shui. ;)

    That said, I can't make the damn turbines work. :( I probably should have conducted a small scale test first before spending the many, many hours building all 10. :P My gas-fired LTs work just fine! There is SHS in the pipes & input hatch (definitely not normal steam lurking around), no maintenance errors, all looks shiny, but the front turbine graphic spins for a moment then stops (after hitting with rubber hammer) and won't restart (even after breaking & replacing LT+input hatch and re-maintenancing, weirdly - ie. I don't even get the brief spinning again). No power or fluid output (empty output hatch), nor any rotor damage. Tried with and without EV pump set to export on the pipe connecting to the import hatch (I'm never quite sure if I actually need pumps on GT pipes; usually just have them at the input end). Am I missing something daft?

    I'm having some issues with the Pyrolyse Oven. First of all, the processing speed seems to be much lower than NEI states.

    For 16 wood logs -> 20 charcoal with Nytrogen NEI states 16 seconds. With MV (NEI states 96EU/tick, so should be 16 secs) I am timing it at ~38 secs. I must confess that I was using the Natura log exploit to supplement my charcoal production, and having now upgraded to a newer version and therefore reliant on Pyrolyse Ovens or Coke Ovens (which are completely impractical for mass-generation; at 90 secs/charcoal you'd need 90 per Large Boiler) it is a bit crazy trying to support my 5 charcoal-fired large boilers. If the NEI 16 seconds was being used it wouldn't be that major; I could support 5 large boilers with 4 Pyrolyse Ovens, but at ~38 seconds I would need 10! I suspect this is unintentional?

    As an aside, I'm finding this especially painful since for some reason I'm not seeing the Large Boiler efficiency improvements implemented in 5.09.00 (Bronze gets me <=6,800 EU/charcoal, and the increased Pyrolyse charcoal processing time increases the energy cost per charcoal from 1.5k EU to ~3.6k EU). I'm unclear as yet on whether or not that is due to Beyond Reality futzing with things though, so don't consider it a bug report!

    In the Pyrolyse Oven 4 Bio Chaff->5B Biomass is listed as taking 45 seconds in NEI, but my timing (with LV; NEI states 10EU/tick) suggests more like 2 minutes. Again, this makes it challenging to achieve scale.

    Second, upgrading the energy hatch in the Pyrolyse Oven does not appear to increase the speed. For charcoal this would be rather detrimental to net energy production, but for Bio Chaff since each one only takes 2,250 EU at LV, even HV (4x speed, 16x energy cost) it would only cost 36k EU/Bio Chaff, and since each one makes 40k L Biogas (Distillation Tower) you're getting >1m EU/Bio Chaff; ie. the Pyrolyse cost is insignificant - the big cost is actually the Distillation Tower @ 384k. I digress. My point is that it would be highly desirable in this instance to be able to increase the speed of the Pyrolyse Oven rather than waste CPU & space on running zillions of them. Is that inability to increase their processing speed intentional?

    The Mass Fab is a PITA! As hinted by the twin 4x cables in the recipes, it takes 8 Amps! The only ways I have found of providing that sensibly were with directly attached transformers or battery buffers (the latter being rather expensive what with all the batteries). My current setup with two Advanced Mass Fabricators (MV) is shown below:

    In the above, each MV transformer is providing 8x 128EU/tick. They each need at least 1x 512 EU/tick, so I found it best to simply dedicated an HV transformer to each MV Mass Fab (stainless steel is cheap). Each HV transformer needs 1x 2048EU/2ticks, which means I can string up to 7 of those "pods" off one EV transformer with 4x aluminium cable (7 not 8 due to the losses in the cable).

    My understanding is that there is no difference in power draw whether the Mass Fab is supplied with UUA or not; it just decreases the time to produce. I can't remember where I got that from though so am uncertain of how big a difference it makes. I think it was about an order of magnitude faster with UUA maybe?

    PS. This is my first post here! :) I'm a long-time fan of IC2, GT an GT5 unofficial, I've just never gotten around to signing up for the forums. Apologies if I've borked the image implantation; not worked out how to specify stuff like image size yet.