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    Any Suggestions for the Machines, except releasing them?

    Some kind of configurable not valid EnergyInput slot maybe?
    I do want this feature in TE machines too, but the have no problem with various MJ levels atleast.
    Sometimes I want to be more compact and route some HV cable beside the machine with no connection.
    And will these machines have similar config interface as TE machines have?

    While they are certainly The most efficacious method of green energy near future, I still believe that other sources such as solar wind and water are much more green in the long run. Reactors still put out a fair amount of unprocessable material. However, once we get fusion in the black commercially, oh boy. :thumbup:

    Wind gens:
    1) There are less certain spots on earth to place them than nuclear plants have
    2) They are insanely hard to install with too small cost-effectiveness at startup phase

    Solar gens:
    Must be placed in uninhabited places, on top of buildings for example, but not in wild nature. Just because they leave bad and lifeless shadow underneath the panel.

    Water gens:
    If you mean river-energy-powered plants, they are really aggressive to the environment, the most aggressive maybe. It is a common delusion to think that they are green and full of goodness. Yes, they are kinda cheap and don't emit any waste to the atmosphere, but in cost of changing unique watershed based ecosystems, river pollution, flood and other way too bad things happening.

    Well, Coal-Based Powerplants at least don't explode(Harrisburg, Chernobyl, Fukushima, random French Reactor in some years...).

    Well, they are constantly damaging surroundings whether working correctly or not. While nuclear powerplants do significant damage only if used in wrong way. They can do some contamination with radioactive waste of course when working stabile, but it can be used in further procession in more advanced nukeplants. They are just more complicated and high-technology demanding thingies.

    Barrels are laggy? SINCE WHEN?

    As mentioned:

    factorization barrels are ugly as sin, dont display the item name, and it seems to be very poorly coded...if its not data lag/useage issues from them, its a full 5-7% of all processing (actual computer CPU processing) goes to my barrels alone in minecraft. Its horrible. I dont think these things could have been coded worse if he tried! It should take almost 0 processing when the barrels have items in them. All they should be doing is storing a simple number and waiting for future input/output requests from pipes. wtf are they doing over that??

    The only time i get any lag is when im on my 126 modded client and im in a Redwood forest with Fancy textures on

    Yeah, I have this one too.

    Well, just to be clear. It works with Gregtech installed when config Liquid Containers fuel tooltips : shown and Item fuel tooltips : hidden, with all these containers I have from Forestry, IC2, GregTech, Thaumicbees, Plugins for Forestry and others (with 140 mods I have, yes, I'm crazy). It works without Gregtech with both Items and Liquid containers tooltips shown. And by "works" I mean searching with less than 0.5 sec delay.
    Just mixing Gregtech with Item tooltips shown, not even with liquid tooltips, makes searching weird: 4-5 sec of doing nothing after I printed the word.
    Which makes no sense cause I don't see any solid fuel that Gregtech mod adds by itself.
    The least item fuel thing which used in Gregtech machine is IC2's fuel can, it is considered to be solid fuel, as I can see, but can be used in diesel generator. And even more strange behavior here is that there's no mention in tooltip about this feature.
    But after all, it isn't hard to deal with item tooltips hidden, I don't think i need to know how much EU will I get if I burn some wood or coal in generator.

    UPD: Tested for more: I was forced to remove both EE3 and Gregtech simultaneously when was testing before as EE3 throws NullPointerExeption at SmeltingRecipeAdd when loaded without Gregtech, don't know why. I remembered that EE3 has some features with solid fuels too and tried to remove it without removing Gregtech but it didn't solve the problem.

    Oh yes. It's definitely not NEI itself, but NEIPlugin messes up with GregTech. Searching becomes instant as it supposed to be without this plugin.
    And I see some people had the same problem appeared after 2.72a.
    "Added Cells for five of the most important Liquids of other Mods (Bio Diesel, Diesel, Oil, Creosote and Biomass)" - the thing from changelog of 2.72a. I don't know, maybe this thing caused the problem?
    Is there any option to disable this cells, just for testing purpose?

    UPD: wow, with NEIPlugin settings -> Tooltip settings -> Fuel tooltip options -> Items:Hidden instead of Shown it works well. It's just strange.

    So, I have a conclusion that GregTech have some bad influence on NEI for me.
    Searching goes not instantly nor right after word printed. It goes after some delay. CraftingGuide has the same issue. This problem I had all the time played with mods and didn't think it's all about only GregTech.
    Opening machine's and crafttable's GUI freezes an internal server sometimes and randomly (I'm playing SSP) - the world stops all updates, but not crashes the game. I can't close minecraft after it cause I get stuck in "Shutting down the internal server" screen forever. This problem appeared like recently.
    I thought it was NEI RP plugin or immibis's microblocks or my tons of mods also causing such a problem and tested. NEI deals well with all the 40+ pages of items and blocks from 100+ mods when gregtech isn't active, so does CraftingGuide.
    And playing without NEI is as painful and not cool as playing without GregTech of course.