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    • Solar panels: too low output to resource input ratio for my liking (and low output EU overall)
    • Water mills: too low output for my liking, and I don't like to make the RP2/water mill set-up
    • Wind mills: ok output, I use a few at beginning to power my machine room (no maintenance, unless you make it really high, which I don't), I keep them unless/until I change bases
    • Generators: use at very beginning (who doesn't?), but I don't like the input maintenance and output to use it as mass production
    • Geothermal generators: good output, I use in conjunction with BC and teleport pipes (not sure if it is being maintained anymore), I just pump every little lava lake I find back to my base into a tank storage system to be outputed (correct spelling?) to my geothermal generators, it's amazing how much lava you can get if you gather all that you find in your travels
    • Add-ons: with forestry, you can set up automatic farms that you can use their biological outputs to create biomass, which you can use in bio-generators to create energy; you can also use IC2-BC crossover mod (there are many mods that convert IC2 and BC power back and forth, search for the one you want) to turn oil or fuel into EU

    Overall, I would use (to power a mass fabricator) geothermal (with other mods), forestry renewable energy, and BC oil/fuel (crossover mods)

    I think that at beginning game, using windmills in conjunction with watermills would be best because it would be easier to make than solar panels. For me, I would make a house, put windmills on top, and under my basement, I would put a room with watermills, something like what raGan made. I also thought about making an "oil rig" a bit far out from land and having tin cable go down all the way down to the ocean floor and put water mills along the tin cable, and voila, free energy without having to worry about water placement. Of course, you'd have to make some air pockets along the bottom of the ocean floor, but I don't think it would be too hard. And on top of the oil rig, you could have an "antenna" supporting some windmills. This wouldn't be where I would live, so I would probably connect all the generators to an MFSU (not directly), and place a mass fabricator next to the MFSU for an automated UU-matter generator.