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    Does this happen on a fresh empty IC2+GT6 world too?

    Also just so you know, the Game would definitely be Ubuntu Compatible for sure (I am trying to switch everything I have to Kubuntu already, except the Windows-Only Games), and that usually means Linux and Mac Compatible aswell. But I also want it to be Windows Compatible, so I need to do that some way. OpenJDK might be the way I go unless something better than that appears. (I will definitely not require Oracle JRE to be used, like Mojang/Forge does. But OpenJDK is Oracle Java compatible, so it should work)

    It happens only in My world, the world I was using while the blackout almost killed my pc. My guess is that the save is just corrupted... The save or the chunk, or both. In both cases i'm f***ed, because the chunk where I was is my main chunk. I have my whole base in it.

    Uhhm yeah, definitely not Swift, I am not going to use Apple based Garbage.

    +1 lol

    And it would never run "clean" on my PC while I use Slackware. I would have to install stupid emulators or something alike.

    Ah, got a new crash report. Chunk error:

    The crash report seems to be the same, but the console has "Chunk file at -85,88 is in the wrong location; relocating. (Expected -85, 88, got -84, 94)" just before a HandshakeCompletionHandler exception.

    (wtf, how many exceptions does java have, that one is new to me)


    I did a backup of the save and loaded the fake one without any mods. The world didnt crash, cool. Now I have to see which mod generates errors.

    By the way, a GT6 world without GT6 block is just wonderful. It's a huge cave, or something similar, with gravel flying around.

    Another edit:

    I just added ic2 and gt6, same crash. T.T

    Well.. hum... I haven't Thermal Expansion :O I use only GT6, NEI, chickenchunks, fastcraft (without it I go with 4 fps), inventory tweaks, optifine, rei's and nothing more. It's a pure gt6 modpack, nothing more.

    I've updated gt6, another crash. I don't know if that's the same.


    Just a random question. If you were going to program your own game (2d or not), would you use C++ or Java?

    I'm learning C++ (and SFML for the graphic side), I've bought a lot of books to get the basic and advanced concepts, but it seems like c++ is an outdated programming language for videogames.

    (No, I will never use game engines. I prefer code something other than videogames than use a random engine not built by me.)

    Not sure if this English is really English, I hope everything is correct.

    A blackout caused this crash every time I try to start my world:

    ....What can I do? I ""wasted"" (if I lose them) so many hours on this world, and it's the best world i've ever had. Never got so far.

    Do I need a crystallization crucible before the EU age? It seems like I need that in order to make circuit boards, and I need them to build even the smallest EU machine, the LV battery box. I'm not sure if I can charge anything without the battery box.

    Just kidding, I realized now I can use the electrolyzer even without a battery box. Cool.

    I think he's saying that he's trying to make rubber by putting latex in a crucible and raising the temperature to ~700 K.

    No. I know how to make rubber, I was just trying to store latex into a crucible.

    I can't explain better than what I wrote Greg, my English sucks.

    So I did a video:

    Cool. Tonight I updated Windows, and now I can't load any world in Minecraft. I was going to record a video....

    Not even a crash report or something on the console, just a "Game crash" T.T

    When I'll resolve the problem, I'll do a video. Right now, you can try to reproduce the "bug" creating latex on a juyce, taking it with a ceramic pot, putting the latex in a crucible and using a thermometer to see its temperature.

    Edit: Resolved, I reinstalled every mod and now it works well.

    So, here's the video.

    You can get SO3 from SO2 and a Mixer. You just need Platinum or Vanadium Pentoxide as a Catalyst.

    Yeah, right now I'm searching for the vanadium pentoxide. I found the bearing rock, but I found a huge spawn of galena, gold, arsenopyrite and pyrite in one spot, but still not Vanadium pentoxide :P

    But I'm not using Sulfur for this... So, is there a way to transform sulfur dust into SO2/3 or, better, Sulfuric Acid? (I've just discovered that I can roast even sulfur to get SO2 :O)

    Anyway, thanks :D

    Edit: OK I've just read the "does not get consumed in the process" xD like you said, it's just a catalyst

    Have you tried looking at other Pages in NEI? You can literally use Sulfur alone to make SO2 and then SO3.

    Hum... yes...? Using NEI (U key) with sulfur doesn't resolve my problems. The only acid I can do is Hydrosulfuric acid, and I need oxygen to make that. I wonder if I'm using the NEI in the right way now :P

    Using sulfur alone as sulfuric acid would just speed my ass by a thousands of years in the technology field.

    (Free carbon from sugar, infinite steel from iron and other cool things instead of mining for small graphite ore and other cool things... It would be a huge jump)

    What is the theoretical order to build crucibles? Ceramic ->? ... -> tungsten crucibles

    Right now I'm trying to do Ceramic -> Chromium -> Niobium Titanium -> Niobium/Molybdenum -> Osmium/Tantalum ->Tungsten :P

    But I still haven't find Niobium :c

    Edit: Okay Niobium is found with rutile. I'll have to mine a lot of rutile to get +- 4 ingots of titanium and niobium, but it will be OP. :D

    My only problem is Calcium Sulfate, I need that to make Sulfur Trioxide to make Sulfuric Acid, but I can't find any calcium sulfate! I haven't find gypsum...

    Edit 2: Oh. Cool. The "probably most updated wiki" is really updated, there's almost everything. I thought they stopped editing the wiki about one year ago lol. It will be helpful in the next future.

    I would have just blocked my website for european people with the additional info of "well you can only be blocked if we know youre in the EU, Switzerland and Norway arent part of that. VPNs and the Tor Browser are also a thing. Go figure how that info could help! ;) "

    Fuck, I'm form Italy lol I would have been blocked without Tor

    What happens if I output too much KU to a machine? Does it explodes?

    I've had the same problem while "putting minecraft down" (I'm not really sure how to say that in english: it's when you press the left bar on the right side of the window manager and the window goes down on the start bar).

    Mc is not fullscreen, but it always crash if it stays down for more than 5 minutes.

    Dumb solution: when minecraft is on, I never "put it down" anymore.


    Greg, how about to add a block to store all the "smaller" types of dusts? In that way dusts in the chests will not take anymore a lot of spaces for 1/72nd dusts, tiny, small, normal dust and block of dust just for one material type.