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    Hey Snyke,
    Firstly, thanks for having made this addon, along with your other addons such as AdvMachines.
    Getting to the point: I'm runnning a server with (a bunch of mods including IC2, RP2, etc.) BC 2.2.14 and AdditionalPipes (TPPipes). When I run, run vanilla Bc, everythign works fine. When I run BC + Transformers, everything still works.However, when I install the energy loss fix (in the BC Transport zip, right?) it crashes, with the following message:

    Also, the power pipes don't appear in NEI, or if they do, their tooltip does not and neither does their texture.
    Finally, at my runtime log, it mentions two conflicts (three on my server) as follows:
    CONFLICT @ -58
    CONFLICT @ -204 (server only)
    CONFLICT @ -126

    Yet the server runs fine, except for when I try to craft any power pipes. Same goes for client. I've sorted block id's...
    I'd appeciate if you could tell me the cause of these errors. Thanks!


    I used to have the same problem on my server (NSM exception), but replacing the modloader.class from ModLoaderMP fixed the problem.
    To get rid of the block breaking bug, I used CovertJaguar's patch for MCForge (ug.class), which is linked above. After installing both patches, my server worked like a charm. Thanks!