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    any chance of adding the TC3 armor aspect and some other stuff to the bronze gear? keep getting them in dungeons and have no use for them atm, since i can't smelt them down ^^

    as much as i love the mod... an ultimate hybrid solar, made with 1 lapis block, costs only 911 UU to make... while an HV solar array costs almost 9900... that's QUITE the difference... for a better item :)

    edit: just to give you a clue... with turtles and this mod, i had a UU farm that was spitting out 4 UU every minute and a grav guite in about 1 week of playing on the server... so imho, it's a bit OP for server play :)

    I've spent some time using low focus mode to test it... but I just can't find out why it happens... sometimes the mined block doesn't drop...
    tested it out on a vein of 4 diamonds and only got 3... but it happens on almost everything, didn't see it happening on nikolite, lapis and redstone... so stuff that drops in "bunches"...
    Also not sure if it happens on stone or not... usually don't look at it when doing so... but love the new mods, the new low focus way makes the diamond drill obsolete... if only it resulted in a 100% yield, so that's why i still mine diamonds with the old drill :)

    Same problem here. Made a fresh install to check if it's a conflict, only installed modloader, modloadermp and forge then put in IC2, same thing... crashes every time i try to pick up an item in the world... deleting IC2 from the mods folder and loging in again logs you in with the item in the inventory and also a "ghost artefact" of the item in the world that you can't loot :)