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    Actually, the generator will still power the wire, regardless what could possible be on the other end, whether it's a Crystal Charger doing stuff, a Crystal charger doing nothing, a stone, air or a pig.
    All generatos will ALWAYS consume fuel to power nearby wires, regardless of what's happening to said power.
    Unless you put batterys in, in that case they will power the battery.

    The thing is there was no wire :P. I just had placed the generator on the crystalcharger due to space-reasons and it nearly ate all my coal. Later on the crystalcharger ate my stacked crystals >.<.

    A generator with fuel in it will make power whether it is being used or not. Also, the "lightning" wont charge up unless it's actually receiving power to do an operation.

    I am sorry but i am always keeping coal in my generator and unless i have an empty battery in it or a cable to another machine that is in need of power (or stores energy) it never uses the coal up.

    I will have to rewire my machinery and see if it also constantly consumes from an mfe / mfs but right now i am a bit caught up with things :).


    If you wire it normal it does not make the charger consume more and more eu, its only an issue with the generator on top, but it ate my crystals :P.

    I was thinking of "how to wire" several luminators in the ceiling from just a few input sources. It was really breaking my mind until i read this.

    Right now i am considering to use torches more :(.

    Than again, torches never provided consistent and only flickering light so i agree that a luminator should be brighter to make up for the missing flickering effect of the torches?

    Hello i came across another possible issue:

    I was running out of space in my temporary home and placed my crystalcharger against the wall. Right above it i placed a generator to charge my batterys. There was no cable to the crystalcharger as i did not intend to use it soon.

    I put coal in the generator to charge my batterys thinking of not much, but as i came back i noticed the generator kept on burning coal.

    There was no item in the charger, the "lightning" for energy did not increase any at all, even after 30 coal, but the generator kept on burning it.


    After further use of the crystalcharger i noticed the following:

    Crystals can be put in stacked. Crystals will be charged. Crystals wont stack on the output end.

    I am not sure if they are spilled out like batteries but i know i put 3 crystals in and had only 1 in the output. I would have tested more but ran out of crystals ^^.
    (there was no chest close either, does it even work with the crystalcharger?)

    this was an experience with the smp version.

    Something i currently encountered:

    If i shoot the mining laser on a block ( MinecraftSlime ) and theres grass between it and another block. The grass will absorb the mining laser shot.

    so MinecraftSlime grass MinecraftSlime MinecraftSlime MinecraftSlime

    will turn into

    _ grass MinecraftSlime MinecraftSlime MinecraftSlime

    i wonder what kind of grass that is :D

    *edit* i am using the smp version, i cant tell how it behaves in ssp


    I wanna suggest a change for the machineblock that is used for a lot of tools but serves none itself.

    My suggestion is the following:

    If a machineblock is placed near a cable that is under current it will sap some eu from the cable and power all redstone thats directly next to the machineblock itself. I am thinking of a very tiny amount like 1 eu per redstone that is next to the block.

    Now why would that be useful?

    It would allow doormechanisms to work with switchcables sure, but is it worth the hazzle of coding? Well here is an idea of mine:

    Automatic Streetlamps:

    The top block is a solarpanel thats connected to a machineblock. Because there is light the machineblock will consume power and use it to power the redstone. The redstone in turn will make the switchcable (shown by the redblock) direct the current upwards.

    Now when it turns night and the solarpanel stops to generate power the redstone will go offline. The switchcable will start to redirect the current through its bottom and start to light the luminators (shown as greyboxes).

    Through this you can create streetlights that dont require human input to be turned on once it becomes night and will go out the momment the solarpanel collects sunlight again :D.

    Since the Machineblock is allready added no extrarecipe would be needed.