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    Its used for the new Module upgrade parts. Too lazy to tell you anything else. (Since you where too lazy to read the change log or any of the other threads discussing these modules)

    no need for offense, sir.

    honestly, I've read changelog and I've searched for info, 'cause I am IC users since ic^1.

    but, if you dont know what you are looking for, you dont find answer. I looked for "slots" so I found nothing.
    I try to look for upgrade parts

    by the way, there is no info in forum: http://forum.industrial-craft.…2&highlight=upgrade+parts
    only one piece of info is here:

    but thanks ANYWAY, all I need was direction.

    I've managed to get all working on server:

    • Flan's ModloaderMP v2.1
    • SpaceToad's/Eloraam's MCForge 1.3.1
    • SpaceToad's BuildCraft 2.2.12
    • Eloraam's Redpower2 PR4d
    • Alblaka's IndustrialCraft2 1.62 (note: IC2.cfg: blockMachine=218 change to 217)
    • dan200's ComputerCraft 1.21

    now, I try to add

    • Sengir's Forestry

    because 1.3.0 is not server side yet

    should this work? I have this errors: