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    Did some more testing. It appears [electric] jetpacks are having other issues in SMP as well.

    While wearing an electric jetpack and 3 pieces of nano armor:

    -Mode key does not toggle hover mode. I tried a few different mode keys. If the mode key is held at the same time spacebar is held, ascent is slow, similar to hover mode. Hover mode works correctly in SSP.

    -Landing takes fall damage that appears to be related to the total vertical distance traveled. Taking off from the ground, going just a little ways up and then landing (using the jetpack to keep a low velocity) results in zero or very small fall damage. (~half a heart) If I take off from the ground (~y=66), fly to max height, and then land, I will take several hearts of damage, even if I slow my descent using the jetpack. Finally, if I take off from the ground, go to max height, and then descend to near ground (don't land) and ascend back to max height a few times, when I land I will die from fall damage no matter how gently I touch down. This behavior is not present in SSP.

    -Jetpacks do not give the 1.5 armor units they do in 1.64. This behavior occurs in SSP as well, not sure if it is intended.

    One of the players on my SMP server has the same bug. MFEs, MFSUs, transformers all rotate when he attempts to wrench them. The really messed up part about it is- sometimes it doesn't mess up. At least twice now, he'll go to try something and it works normally. Then, a few hours later, it won't work anymore. We've tried reinstalling his java, switching to 64 bit java, reinstalling minecraft, reinstalling the mod, using a jar file I put together for him, and it didn't seem to have any bearing on the functionality of the wrench. He appears to be the only one on my server suffering from this- I can use his wrench, remove a block, and hand the wrench back to him and it doesn't work. He has tried alt, shift, m, ctrl with no effect.

    In short, the bug is inconsistent and baffling. I'm sorry I can't provide more detailed information.

    On my SMP server, I am unable to place redstone or torches onto construction foam, reinforced stone, or rubber tree wood. The server is minecraft 1.1, with IC2 as the only mod.

    I can place redstone and torches on vanilla blocks, but apparently not on any IC2 block in SMP. This bug does not appear in SSP for me.

    Multicraft's control panel doesn't report any errors, and when I run the server on my local machine (windows7) the cmd window shows no errors when I try to place redstone or torches.