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    Indeed, extra bees...

    Why didn't I think of this, as it uses IC2 too.

    Ok, now I will have to wait until I get the bees that use IC2 to see if I should completely remove them or if just deleting the ic2 folder inside is enough...

    Anyway, thanks for the fast answer.

    Thanks to the caracter limit, I couldn't finish my post, so I hope that I won't be breaking the rules by doing the second post...

    I am using forge, so it should validate the 'or higher', being the latest version when I grabbed it some days ago.

    I also tried the IC version 107, in case it could help in any way, but it doesn't seem to change a thing.

    Also, I doubt a forge version mismatch could cause a "Class not found" on ic2.platform.NetworkManager, so I can only assume that I have something not installed properly, or that I picked a version that makes you craft the items but without being able to actually use them, which would be weird.

    Anyway, I used this mod quite a bit in 1.2.5, so I would really love to be able to save space and CPU for my solar farm.

    I play on a custom server hosted on my own machine, and I wanted to put down a low voltage array to add a bit of power to my coal generation, wasting all my remaining resources in the process.

    But as soon as I placed the array, the client crashed, with the server having no problem at all.
    I can't connect until I remove the mod from the server and restart it.

    Having no idea how to fix this, here is the crash log (class not found on ic2 api).

    Arg, my world is seriously starting to lag with 512 solar panels...

    The only goo point being that I can still use tin cables, but I wish I could make them into the single HV array...

    And after some tests, I need to agree with people about the fact that the "additions" into normal machines feels way too costly energy wise, where the advanced machines require a constant energy supply to stay heated + a medium need in energy at usage.

    Anyway, great mod, hope it won't fall into the abyss, because it really adds to IC2 for high tiers and optimisation.

    While using my nearly depleted lappack for a while without checking the charge, I encountered a creeper and a skeleton, with no other armour equipped.

    While taking damages from both, I managed to survive (half a heart left), but when I returned to my base to check for some food, I oppened my inventory, and the lappack had disappeared.

    I don't know exactly when it "broke", but I doubt it is from energy usage, so my guess is it took the damages like any armour would have, and having no "damage" left, it broke.

    Again, I am not sure what caused it, so I will try to test this a little, but it would be good that such an expensive item (early on at least) do not disappear like this. (6 lapis blocks are not that easy to find)

    Anyway, I hope the little information I have can help.