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    I made this very cheap 80EU/t (40 EU/t calculated) stable design. Usefull for a first reactor.

    EDIT: And a new design with 2 less components.
    EDIT: And after testing to see how uranium cells distributed heat, a cheaper one.

    EDIT: And a bigger reactor I've made. 480 EU/t (240 EU/t calculated) stable.

    I made the big reactor better if you were to add the last two chambers :)

    (Yes that is the updated planner, but it's still not complete and is "rough around the edges"

    And how can i change the loadorder? I renamed it with z,x or y infront but nothing changed same problem with Redpower 2 :/

    You need to force buildcraft and industrial craft to load before IC2, put zz on the start of the crossover and aa in front of the rest of the build craft mods and industrialcraft, if you're using linux like me, try what was suggested for me above (i haven't tested though)

    By the looks of it you are as it looks like you are shelling into the server,
    Oh and check in the modloader config that BC and IC2 are set to "on" not "off"
    As modloader is trying to load crossover first, looks like it may be loading most recently edited first, which isn't good, but you could always edit every other mod file and try that,

    Linux and MLMP don't mix very well at the moment, but i seem to have avoided major trouble,

    Thanks! i'll try it next time the server is on! (oh yeah being in my house it's to expensive to run all the time ;3

    Both of you: What OS are you running? ModLoader/ModLoaderMP should sort themselves but at least in the case of Linux MLMP stopped doing such again.
    There's an "interesting" workaround involving dd and creating a small fat32 filesystem if you've got root permissions (as one needs to mount said filesystem)

    Yes i'm running Lunix Ubuntu sever 10.04 (Lucid)
    Being the server version no GUI and i don't plan on adding one, (The 8mg graphics card just wont take it)
    Are you able to give me an in-depth explanation on how to do that?

    Finaly a tool to debug server connections! (you don't want to know how long i've been looking for one)
    anyway heres what i got

    at ti.a(SourceFile:34)
    at ey.a(SourceFile:178)
    at ey.a(SourceFile:67)
    at ey.a(SourceFile:12)
    at afq.a(
    at ItemMobSpawner.renderInventory(
    at forge.ForgeHooksClient.renderCustomItem(
    at su.a(
    at su.a(
    at agq.a(SourceFile:590)
    at agq.a(SourceFile:219)
    Error report complete.
    I think thats helped I've deleted the test world and i must have had a mob spawner in my inv (i don't know what that's caused a problem)
    Works now thankyou! :)

    V1.64 loaded IC2 better than before but still get

    C:\Users\Jamie\Desktop\New Folder>java -Xms512M -Xmx1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar174 recipes27 achievementsModLoader Server 1.1 Initializing...2012-01-25 12:03:21 [INFO] ModLoader Server 1.1 Initializing...Mod Loaded: mod_IC2 v1.642012-01-25 12:03:21 [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_IC2 v1.64Mod Loaded: mod_NotEnoughItems 1.1.02012-01-25 12:03:22 [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_NotEnoughItems 1.1.0Done.[IC2] Config loaded from C:\Users\Jamie\Desktop\New Folder\config\IC2.cfgMinecraftForge V1.3.1 Initialized25-Jan-2012 12:03:22 forge.ForgeHooks INFO: MinecraftForge V1.3.1 Initialized2012-01-25 12:03:22 [INFO] ModLoaderMP 1.1 InitializedModLoaderMP 1.1 InitializedMod Loaded: mod_IC2 v1.64CONFLICT @ -204Mod Loaded: mod_NotEnoughItems 1.1.0
    [IC2] Trying to load IC2 submodule: bcIntegration31x[IC2] Can't load submodule: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException[IC2] Trying to load IC2 submodule: bcIntegration22x[IC2] Can't load submodule: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetExceptionCONFLICT @ -204

    I assume [IC2] Trying to load IC2 submodule: bcIntegration31x
    [IC2] Can't load submodule: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
    [IC2] Trying to load IC2 submodule: bcIntegration22x
    [IC2] Can't load submodule: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
    Is something to do with buildcraft so i put that in and this doesn't dissappear

    Okay i carry on regardless, copy the cfg files from the server to my .minecraft (as i always do) and boot minecraft
    try to connect and i get an error and the connection fails
    Note this error is when connecting to the server and if flashes on screen for a split second i don't have access to it.

    Runs fine without IC2 (still get the Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0″ java.lang.NullPointerException error, I'm unsure what this is but it runs past it regardless)

    I Have MLMP Version 2.1 (I Have double checked, ran with just MLMP and forge, had the block break bug and the modloader.class bug so I loaded the fixes)
    Sorry I can’t provide a fuller log….

    I've also tried taking out the other mods same problem