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    Is this dead? The Github link from the first post is broken.

    This addon idea is one thing Industrialcraft was always lacking, so would love to see this completed.

    Yep, I got overcringed by Forge mess (and Java, hecking hate it), so I just gave this up. Sorry.

    Here is source code (Idea project) for what I currently have. You can freely use it, try to finish this addon or even integrate it in IC.

    You can use Ore Dictionary:

    If you need a specific IC2 item, you can press F3+H in game and get an item and it's metadata. E.g., for Advanced Alloy it's "ic2:crafting" and 3, for Steel Casing it's "ic2:casing" and 5. You can add them to JSON recipe like this:

    "c": {
          "item": "ic2:crafting",
          "data": 15

    This defines a Carbon Plate.

    I'm facing an issue with canning machine recipe:

    Debugger shows that addCanningRecipe gets output item stack with NBT ammo MAX_AMMO = 20, however, this recipe produces a magazine with NBT ammo 0. Is it an API bug, or am I doing it the wrong way?

    By the way, I'm totally not a Java programmer, so beware of ugly code.

    Thermal Centrifuge consumes heat and has some energy of rotation. So, why not to consume kU and hU from external machines?

    P.S. As I see, the only (except eU generator) kU consumer, Turning Table, was deleted. Maybe it worth adding more use to kinetic energy.

    P.P.S. What about Lithium? Should we expect thermonuclear reactors or Li-ion batteries? :D