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    You can also use graphite for example, or pure carbon.

    Coke is used because its cheaper than other carbon forms.


    The rutile is fed into a heated bed together with a source of carbon, usually coke. Chlorine is fed into the bed and the reaction takes place to form titanium(IV) chloride in the vapour form which is removed from the bed. Iron and other metals in the ore are chlorinated and also leave the bed in the vapour state. The oxygen in the ores is combined with the carbon to form carbon monoxide and dioxide.

    I indeed eradicated all sources of vanilla Iron Ore (except Twilight Forest Hollow Hills), are you sure you cant just use Tungsten Dust in a RotaryCraft thing?

    And the Bedrock Drill can give Hematite but thats it. Reika recently added more Ore Processing with byproducts so I would look for that stuff sicne it includes some GT6 Ores.

    Ok with hematite from the drill.
    I haven't been able to test the tungsten dust to sintered tungsten. According to NEI its not be possible.
    Testing might be later this week, i will also contact Reika on the mc forum (after my account is ok).

    I did test something else, tried generating RTG volcanoes with GT basalt blocks, but i got an empty space.
    I used block numbers in RTG config. Will also contact RTG modmaker for this, since the mod does not seem to recognize al blocks. When choosing minecraft:stone as top layer, it places dirt instead.

    The electolyzer emits it when you electrolyze hydrogen fluoride. On the other hand, since the sodium is also missing, it would make sense to get sodium fluoride dust out.

    From Wikipedia:
    The cell produces gases at the anode. The exhaust is primarily CO2 produced from the anode consumption and hydrogen fluoride (HF) from the cryolite and flux (AlF3). In modern facilities fluorides are almost completely recycled to the cells and therefore used again in the electrolysis. Escaped HF can be neutralized to its sodium salt, sodium fluoride. Particulates are captured using electrostatic or bag filters. The CO2 is usually vented into the atmosphere.[1]

    It also induces the formation of tetrafluoromethane (CF4) in significant quantities, increased formation of CO and to lesser extent also causes the formation of hexafluoroethane (C2F6). CF4 and C2F6 are CFCs which, although not detrimental to the ozone layer, are still potent greenhouse gases. Anode effect is mainly a problem in Söderberg technology cells, not in prebake.[1]…80%93H%C3%A9roult_process

    This has already been reported to the author of enviromine iirc.
    You can always try again of course ;)

    Yes, but that recipe requires 256 RU/t. It's the upper limit of steel centrifuge or lower limit of titanium centrifuge (not available, of course). I don't like the idea of running a centrifuge at it's upper limit, because I don't know what happens to a machine if it gets a bit more power than it's upper limit... Another issue - turbine. The only available are ironwood and steeleaf turbines (because both plants grow on cropsticks). Not an issue for me, because I have twilight forest installed since ironwood barrels ;)

    You could use an HV motor at 512EU/t => 256 RU/t, exactly the max that steel centrifuge can get.

    Can I somehow get molten rutile from crucible into mixer machine (using GregTech)? If not, then this crucible progression is broken: ceramic -> vanadium -> niobium-titanium -> niobium -> tantalum -> tungsten.

    I known about other ways of getting to tungsten crucible (like iridium crucible, tungsten nuggets from centrifuging lava -> tungsten ingots -> plates in some bender machine, or using IC2 universal fluid cells to move molten rutile from crucible to mixer). I just want this nice progression to work again.

    Try collecting molten ilmenite, then put it in a centrifuge => liquid rutile and hematite.

    uhhm you do know that the recipe is only available through GT Grapes, and that those arent available yet, technically? Also you can get distilled water from Steam Engines aswell.

    whoops ok, did not know about that, thought it was obtainable trough crossbreeding.

    I'm aware about the steam boiler, but you have to break it everytime because of the calcification. The raisin thing is easier :p, food and d-water at the same time.