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    Thanks for answers!

    Actually I don't rightly asked my question. I understand how calculate total energy loss. But my calculations didn't matched with 0.2 EU/block. As Speiger said it because of solar panel's output - 2 EU/t.

    So now I can be sure that energy loss values in descriptions of cables are correct.

    Still have problem with iron fences, I think they're bugged...

    Sorry for my bad english.
    I'm using IC2 2.6.11-ex110.

    And still can't understand how energy loss is working. I don't care about it when using MV or HV on small distances. But I have problems when I want calculate distance, where energy loss really may cause problems.

    In description of cables you can see their loss per block:
    Tin/Copper cable - 0.20 EU/block;
    Gold cable - 0.40 EU/block;
    Iron cable - 0.80 EU/block.
    Are these numbers are correct?

    For example, I use 1 solar panel that have output: 1 EU/t.
    1/0.2 = 5 blocks.
    But when I try it (in creative mode), energy works on 10 blocks (less with every block) and on 11th energy dissapear.

    Ofcourse, I can remember, that 1 EU/t works on 10 blocks. But the question is: how can I calculate energy loss for big distances?

    P.S. Sorry for stupid question.
    P.P.S. Also have problems with iron fences (they don't work as ladders). Can you explain please?