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    I think this is neat and will download now. I love finding chest, but am always bummed out with the loot, especially when i die trying to get to it. As long as we don't loot lap packs and high end items constantly, i think will be in good shape. Good Job!

    Might have a quick fix...

    If your having the same issue as me, look at the error report and whatever mod is conflicting with ic2, go into the modloader config and disable whatever mod is conflicting. In my case, first was tf2, so i disabled, second run it conflicted with twilight forest so i disabled TF, third it conflicted with redpower, before disabling redpower, i checked the config again and it finally generated all the id's. So now, go into the config, adjust all your id's and you should be good to go. Don't forget to reenable your disabled mods. I just tested this and i now have ic2 running :) woot

    I am having the same issue. I did test a little bit, did a fresh install with all the normal crap, but using the first version of the 1.2.3 forge, and got some weird error, then i upgraded forge and ic2 worked as expected. With the first version of forge it failed to generate the block and item id's. And of course once i upgraded forge, it all worked. So i then went back to my main MC 1.2.3 build, removed ic2 because it wouldn't work, then upgraded forge from whatever it was to, started MC, ran fine, then went ahead and added ic2, started MC, crashed as expected because i know the id's will conflict, which is actually what the error report stated, so i go into config and of course no id's have been generated so therefor cannot be changed. I am a little stumped as to what to do. I tried running error bat as well to see if that would generate and no go, i also tried simply copy/paste the whole config when i get it to work with no other mods. No go.

    So before 1.1, there was the stand alone mod for a solar helmet, it was awesome, it charged my tools and lappack/jetpack. AWesome, awesome mod. Now it's part of IC2 and it only charges the nano or quantum chest piece. Is there anyway to change what it charges? Its actually pretty useless now since pretty much 95% of the time I'm wearing either the lap pack cause I'm mining or digging, or building, or I'm wearing the jet pack. Thanks for any ideas.

    You know, i could of sworn i saw something in someone's LP sometime, but for the life of me, cannot remember how to do it. I need my geo gens to shutoff when they don't need to be used. Drives me nuts because they basically pulse on and off constantly unless i cut the power cable. I know there is someway to make them shut off until the mfsu is half full or something. Makes sense right? I thought about using a gate, but that won't work, and can't figure out if RP has the tool i'm looking for. Anyway, i use most of the industrial mods, BC, ic, rp, ee, ect. Thanks for any help. I think i explained it clear enough if not let me know and i'll try to rephrase it.

    I just started my new MC 1.1 build, lots of mods, everything works finally, but when i open up NEI, most of IC2 items are duplicated. 2 lappacks, batpacks, batteries, all armor peices, pretty much all the items, crystals, drills, ect. They also list the same id as well, so for example the mining laser states 30208:1 right next to it is anyother mining laser with 30208:1. Like i said most items are like this. Any ideas what i did wrong and maybe how to fix? i do apologize if i ws simply blind and missed the post about this issue. Thanks