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    Check out: they would likely offer assistance.

    I agree that is the best site to find bukkit ports that is where I get all my bukkit ports there is a guide on there that tells you how to do it. I have debated attempting it myself before and I consider myself a very adept computer user but that stuff MINDF@CKS ME!!!

    Here are the bukkit mappings for 1.1

    Small tutorial for Bukkit:

    1.create a new mcp folder (with a fresh and up to date mcp)
    2.install your mod and everything that is necessary to a fresh minecraft_server.jar
    3.install my mappings to the new mcp (this means: copy classes.csv, methods.csv and fields.csv into the conf folder in the mcp folder (overwrite the existing files) - if the conf folder is not there you're in the wrong folder)
    4.decompile the modded minecraft_server.jar from above with mcp
    Comment by muCkk: if you get errors at this point it's ok as long as you end up with the source files
    5.copy all the java files which belong to your mod to a seperate folder
    6.change net.minecraft.src to net.minecraft.server in all of those files craftbukkit (use the correct version - the one which i made modloadermp for)
    8.install my modloadermp to that craftbukkit
    9.if your mod edits any of the classes which belong to minecraft_server.jar find the differences to the original decompiled classes. if not, jump to step 12.
    10.check if those files are edited by craftbukkit too.
    11.if they are changed by craftbukkit apply the changes you made to that files by using the differences you got in step 9, if not just leave them (beware, they might require some extra fixes when you are compiling).
    12.compile your mod against that modded craftbukkit (this step usually requires you to fix a few things or add some methods which craftbukkit and/or craftbukkit-plugins require). (hint: javac -cp craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar -d classes *.java)
    13.copy the net folder from the generated output and install it to a craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar with modloadermp installed (i recommend not using the one which you used to compile your mod - you might need the "clean" craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar another time.)
    14.test your mod. if there is something wrong find out what and fix it. then recompile

    for casual coders:
    if you don't know how to compile via the command line or don't know what the hint means try the following:

    •use netbeans or eclipse
    •create a new project
    •add your files to the package net.minecraft.server (you might need to create it)
    •add the craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar with my modloadermp as a library
    •compile it (same as above, this step usually requires you to fix a few things)

    Thank you so much MinecraftSquid derp squid for you!!! I am positive that people will love to have a working and unmolested advanced machines mod on their server. But I do have one request I hope you dont take it the wrong way. Would you maybe possibly consider making a bukkit port for this I would love to get the adv machine mod on my server again