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    A block which transfers heat to allow multiple heat-consuming machines to use the same heat source, or multiple heat sources to power one machine. It loses large amounts of heat over small distance for realism, but the amount of heat lost can be decreased by insulating it with rubber.

    Use the existing Copper Block, but add a crafting recipe which adds insulation to it; use existing Copper Cable; or
    Possible recipe:
    :Rubber::Copper Ingot::Rubber:
    :Copper Ingot::LV-Transformer::Copper Ingot:
    :Rubber::Copper Ingot::Rubber:
    :Copper Ingot: are Heat Conductors (the existing item)
    :LV-Transformer: is a Copper Block
    and :Rubber: is, well, Rubber :D

    Basic Weapons Mod

    This mod is just bare-bones right now, it doesn't add much

    Minecraft version 1.7.10
    Forge version 1.7.10-

    First off, I know there are other mods out there that do similar things, but the point of this was to do it as a learning experience for myself :thumbup:

    The Basic Weapons Mod adds, well, basic weapons. So far, it adds 2 guns, the M4A1 and Colt 1911, and items the items used to craft them. However, I would like to add some basic weapons, as well, (that is the name of the mod after all) like Spears and Knives with wood, stone, flint, iron, gold, and diamond tiers for each. Graphite (created by smelting coal) is used to craft Graphite Lubricant, which is then used to build guns out of gun parts (Stock, Receiver, and Barrel) in the Weapon Workbench. Multiple different scopes can be added to guns, and are crafted from Lenses, Redstone, and iron. That is the plan. I am still working on the GUI for the Weapon Workbench, getting the guns to use ammunition, play sounds when fired, and lots of other little details.

    This is my first mod, and I welcome comments and constructive criticism :D

    Check out the code here
    I followed Pahimar's Let's Mod Reboot tutorials for adding items, blocks, etc. and I would recommend watching them if you want to get into Minecraft modding


    Issues, Bugs, things I am still figuring out, and things I plan to add:

    • Getting guns to use ammo. I plan on having the item damage reflect how much ammuntion is in the current magazine, then when you reload, a new magazine will be taken from your inventory. I can't figure out how to change its damage value. Alternative, use NBT

    • Getting guns to play sounds when they fire. I think I might need to register sounds like, items, I have no idea.

    • Adding a texture to EntityBullet, like snowballs, and increasing their velocity

    • Adding Lead Ore for crafting bullets.

    • Adding a GUI for the Weapon Workbench

    • Adding Spears and Knives

    I think a tutorial on cross breeding crops would be helpful. I dont want to add the page yet until I have most of the content hashed out and screenshots taken. Let me know if there's anything important you think should be included.
    The page is here