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    Hello player!

    First I wanted to thank you for that really great mod of yours. I'm playing on MC-1.7.10 with 275 mods installed and fastcraft is really a huge improvement of performance with it's optimized renderers and geometry-logic. Dealing with 275 mods I would have a tiny "feature-request", more like a little favor of yours. The game crashes sometimes with a concurrent modification exception in the entity-renderer.

    So what I wanted to ask is, if you could please insert a try-catch clause around the entity-render-code that iterates over the entity-tracker Arraylist and in case of a CME just skip the rest of the list entirely and return as if nothing happened. (I would be really glad to have my entities just "flicker" for one display-frame instead of having to wait about 10 minutes (~2 minutes for the game to save the data + generate the crash report, ~6,5min to restart Minecraft and about 1-2 minutes until all hooks of the 275 mods have fired again to load the map after a mc-coldstart) each time this conflict occures. Sometimes I can play for weeks without a crash, but today there were 3 crashed in a row with that particular CME. As far as I can see from the code, the entity-renderer only accesses the Arraylist by reading (not writing), so it should (in my humble opinion) not do any bad to just skip the entity rendering for one frame - please correct me, if I'm wrong in that assumption.

    Thank you very much in advance and please keep up the great work! :)