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    Here is what I would like to do.
    I have a miner being powered by a generator with a batbox between to act as a buffer. A problem arises when the batbox becomes full. Because there is a constant drain, the generator is always burning fuel. Much of that fuel goes to waste as the generator's output far exceeds the input of the miner.
    I tried to use an logical implication to cut off the flow when the batbox becomes full and then restart the flow when the batbox becomes empty. It works in theory however the problem is the batbox never registers as full. It shows as full in the GUI for a good second before draining and replenishing EU. Because it never registers as full the detector cable used trigger my logical implication never triggers.

    How can I get around this issue?

    How do I limit generator activity while powering an unattended project? I would like to not use a timer.