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    I would say that I do not speak English, so sorry for my poor vocabulary :P

    I tried to understand well the calculations, but still got some questions I asked about it here:

    First of all, is attached the photo of the reactor:

    From what I saw and what he gave to understand, the cells will produce uranium 176h / s, right?

    Counting the cells regriferantes, we can come to realize - 20h / s, I think at least it's not

    wrong in math: P (Here also is a question of mine, the cells soft drinks, will "cool"-1h / p or

    restrained by her total number of pulses of the system? Still I'll continue ...)

    Thus, there is still 156h / s, decreasing-2h / s by multiplying by 6 reactor chamber, of a

    total-12h / s

    Resulting final 144h / s, the accounts on the blocks of air around the reactor core, do not

    quite understand, so I will not risk posting what I think :)

    Well, realizing that 144h / s is considered a great brand, I doubt, because the reactor heats up

    in no time? Let him already doing 6 cycles followed, each time he ended a cell of uranium, I

    switched immediately, and still go without heat in the reactor shell, so that already put ice /

    water and none of them was "consumed" by the system...

    Someone could help me, showing the calculations, or at least explaining to me what is happening with the reactor, because frankly do not understand why he does not heat.

    Additional Information:
    - He is not "steeped" in water.
    - It is 2 blocks from the floor (of course the wire is below it) and has total freedom in all other directions, without any obstruction.
    - Produces 100EU / t- Can be a Mark I (because we do not need to have cooldown time or something) or Mark II-E (Because of storing heat [I'm not seeing where it] and not having to stop in any case)
    - I am Brazilian and my English is not great, so I have to use google translator so this horrible english:)

    Thanks for the attention of all who read this far, and if someone qualify to question something, or explain, feel free ;)

    Sincerely, Hespanhol