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    I am addressing the direct current and it will be in the next release. Assuming that you're using 2.2.X of Buildcraft however, you should just use redstone engines. If you are using BC, however, I would advise against the use of piping items in/out as the implementation does not work. It will attempt to pull from the input first, so it's not a good idea. Sorry for the trouble.

    -looks- Hmm, I'm using Let me fix that xD

    I'm having some trouble useing BC with this addon, namely: the Rotary Macerator doesn't seem to work without Direct Power, with gives Indirect power to the wooden pipe.

    Since the pipe requires alternating current, i can't get it to pull items from the macerator, any suggestions?

    Edit: The Rotary is requiring direct Redstone power to charge up.

    Just a couple of simple questions that I can't find the answers to lol

    Since installing IC2 I've come across very little tin. Anyone know the best layers to mine it?

    Secondly, I'm running all over the place generating plenty of chucnks, but i've only found about 6 rubbertrees. I'm wanting to usee a mapper to try and locate them, but it requires BlockIDs. Anyone know the Block ID for the rubbertree wood?

    IC2v0.90 MCv1.7_3 SSP (should be obvious, but might as well)

    Thanks in advance :D