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    This mod initially is planned for personal use. Before using mod — make backup and use at your own risk.
    With this mod and ComputerCraft you can receive (and change) data from different machines from Industrial Craft 2.
    And sorry for my english, I'm not english native speaker :(

    Nuclear reactor example (ComputerCraft automaticly controll all LNR elements):

    Small mod tutorial:

    Step 1:
    For work - Industrial Peripheral needs himself, his craft:

    Frequency Transmitter, Advanced Circuit, Machine Casing, Redstone
    Step 2:
    Also needed Transducer Chip, his craft:

    Circuit, Redstone, Iron plate
    Step 3:
    You can bind Transducer Chip to a particular machine:

    Step 4:
    After binding, you must insert the chip into the Industrial Peripheral:

    Step 5:
    Now you can receive a variety of data from the machines:


    if not os.loadAPI("ip/industrial") then print("Failed to load Industrial Peripheral driver!"); end
    local storage = industrial.ElectricStorage.getEnergy(1);
    print("Current: "..(storage.current)..", Max: "..(storage.max)..", Output: "..(storage.output));

    If the machine is moved or deleted - you will break the chip. To fix it you must use a craft 2x2: Chip + Redstone

    All available functions:

    The development will be slow due to lack of time. But sometimes it will check for the presence of topic suggestions / bugs.

    Modlink: https://minecraft.curseforge.c…cts/industrial-peripheral