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    ShadwDrgn built an obsidian generator like that in his recent LP's and I've been using it to gen obsidian. Same setup except all it uses is about 3 redstone and a redstone torch., ofc the pump and grates.

    Still having problems with the build?
    Which power supply are you using? The 600W listed in OP?
    600W is enough to power your build, but that PSU isn't as good, it's an okay power supply. But I don't think it's the PSU's fault.

    Was your computer able to work properly before installing graphics card?
    What happened after installing graphics card? Any beeps after powering the computer?
    Did you plug in the card properly? Power cables? Correct slot?
    Does your mobo have onboard graphics? Check the bios.
    Is everything plugged in properly?

    Whether this is flame or not...but I'm sorry...."Reading works" qft.

    Dunno how you got Minecraft Forge out of "mod_Buildcraft"...but
    They are different, you need to go grab a copy of minecraft forge and put it in your .jar

    But if you are using Plasticcraft, you can make a Plexglass bomb shelter to protect against nuclear explosions for a much cheaper cost than Reinforced stone! (lol)

    It's true! Blew up a nuke inside a cube of plexglass and didn't even break a single block..

    I had Plasticcraft installed like last week, just removed like 2 days ago...And here again I just found a great use for it.

    Nothing that isn't in the instructions. Although I never peeled off the sticky bit on the base plate on either cooler i've had. glad I have too, made switching easier.
    They're reasonably straightforward to install, it's just a bit on the fiddly side given how generic the x piece has to be. Just be sure to take your time and get them all threaded before you really screw them down.
    Though you may want to spend a bit on some decent thermal paste as I rather forget if the package includes any or not. (the box doesn't say)

    What? You didn't remove the protective film from the cpu fan plate?

    Anyways, if you get an aftermarket fan, there should be a protective film at the base plate, and some thermal paste that comes with it. Assuming you're going to get the Hyper 212+( which is the same one i have for my build) there will be some thermal paste which will work just fine, or you can buy a different thermal taste.
    When installing the 212+, remove the protective film and apply the paste onto the base copper plate then just set onto the cpu and follow directions. That's as far as I can help you if you're going to install the 212+, because mines was for an AMD cpu, a little different installation than with an Intel chip because with an amd chip you have to use the backplate as well and im too lazy to dig out my installation manual. You can just store stock cooler in a nice little box for whenever your 212+ happens to fail/die on you for whatever reason and use the stock cooler or use it on a different computer.

    As for applying thermal paste, when you're going to apply the paste just squeeze a tiny amount of the paste on the cpu or cpu fan, although you would be better off putting the paste onto the cpu fan. Tiny amount as in the size of a grain of rice, and then take a credit card or some sort and spread the paste as evenly as possible.
    Theres not really a correct a way to apply paste for the 212+ since it has a different base plate than most aftermarket fans. There are a couple of guides out there that shows some ways to apply paste to a 212+. For mine, I applied a small amount of paste onto the copper lines then a a dot of paste in the middle evenly spread out.

    You can also put a dot of paste onto the plate then set the fan on top of the cpu and let the pressure spread the paste for you.

    Thaumcraft is a fun mod with IC2, BC2, and EqEx, It is easily abusable to get resources for IC2 and BC2 using EqEx.
    Thaumcraft + EqEx = endless resource.....err well EqEx is already limitless resources but adding Thaumcraft to it is overkill. *hint hint* duplicators

    For the server, no it's is not going to be 24/7, just when my buddies and I get together to play ic2.

    I'm honestly not seeing why the 460 is any better than the 550. In fact, it looks like the 550 is better. That and the 550 has a hdmi port, while the 460 has a mini-hdmi

    @your edit: I plan on getting linux to start myself off, then when I have a bit more extra cash, going with windows 7 for my op system.

    The HDMI and mini-HDMI has no difference in quality
    (from my experience and some other people) , all you need is an adapter for mini-HDMI to standard HDMI.
    The 460 1gb will perform about 20% faster than the 550.
    Browsed around and looked at prices, The 550 will perform fine for its price.
    If you don't mind an extra 20-30 and an ATI card, then get a 6850.

    Are you still considering another system for your server? If not, that main computer is enough to handle playing games while running the server. Is the server going to be 24/7 or what? As for the graphics card, are you leaning towards a Nvidia or Ati card?

    EDIT:With that kind of setup, you can get a rather decent card for a fair price, but would you mind finding your other parts like keyboard, mouse and such, you round the price up.

    Seeing that you found a decent price for the 2500k for $200, that is great. And that motherboard is awesome.

    Original Build : $480
    Motherboard: Gigabyte Z68 $160
    CPU: i5 2500k $200
    Case: CM Case $50
    RAM: Corsair 8GB $50
    Optical Drive: LG 24x $20

    CPU Fan: Hyper 212+ $30
    HDD: Hitachi 500GB $70
    PSU: XFX Core Pro 550W $70 (My choice)
    CPU Fan + HDD + PSU = $650 Total

    If you want a Nvidia Card, then I suggest a GTX 460. (460>550)
    For a ATI Card, get a 6850.
    The 460 and 6850 should be around the 120-150 price range.
    460 and 6850 perform almost the same at stock speeds.
    Or if you dont mind dishing out a little for a better card for a 6870 or 560. (560 being in the $190+ while a 6870 in the $160+)

    Graphics Card overclocking:
    If you plan to overclock your graphics card, then get the 460. OC 460 will perform better than 6850.

    EDIT: Hmm..Need keyboard, mouse, and monitor, possibly OS.

    Decide what kind of monitor resolution you want, then we can decide what kind of graphics card to get.
    As for OS, you were going to go with Linux.
    In my recent build, I built an AMD Phenom for $600 because, I was on a budget and it performs like butter.
    I wanted to save some money and I went with Linux(Ubuntu) for a week. While Linux is very configurable to the users taste (your in control of the os(YOU ARE THE OS), but I just couldn't get the hang of it and some windows games that I wanted to play refused to work with Linux. I've used it before a while back, but never got to learning the possibilities of it. As for gaming with Linux, someone mentioned earlier that Desura is a possible replacement for Steam. Desura is like the Steam version for Linux. As of the moment Desura doesn't have that much games, but its a good replacement for steam if you go with Linux. Anways...As I was saying earlier, because I couldn't get the hang of Linux I went ahead an go Windows 7 as it was easier for me. Windows gaming on Linux. I used Wine when I was on Linux for windows gaming. Wine allows you to play windows games on Linux. For me some games worked and some didn't. Some games are compatible with Wine and some aren't.

    IGN: Selenite
    History: Err...What kind of history? Well...Let's see, I have played MC ever since creative. IC since it came out up to IC2 in its present state. Own a small IC2 server for my younger brother, sister and me to play with.

    i'm watching them too,it seems like 50% of the commentors didnt know about any of these mods before this...

    Oh...I know right. I don't see how some people can have fun playing Vanilla Minecraft Endlessly or just using Inventory Editors. I basically lost interest in MC after Notch stopped Secret Friday Updates. Ever since then, I've been on a Minecraft hiatus for about 3 months. Came back and bam bam, mods everywhere. DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD!

    Anyways, on-topic. I am all for mod promotion as well, but yes...unauthorized modpack just, well you know.

    I built a Mark IV B (625s) and was using the thermometer mod as well, but unfortunately it ended poorly. I was also using Watch of Flowing Time from EE and forgot to check up on my reactor. I was in my machine room which is right beside the reactor, and boooom! Luckily, I had Quantum and my rooms were made of Reinforced Stone which parried some damage. But no!!!! I lost so must material! My MFSU and MFS managed to survive which is fantastic though, managed to collect 6Million eus.