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    It's been almost a year now, and I'm glad that IC2 is still going, amongst other things. I know that sometimes the amount of work and effort required to do something can be quite smashing, which I think is valid for everything, but I made it. Almost one year and 1,000 subscribers, accompanying me, Industrial Craft, among other great mods.

    In the meantime I lost my original world during update issues after Minecraft 1.7, but I repeat history and gave every single one of my subscribers a permanent place, more accessible and glorious this time though... except for one guy. His username on YouTube is "dummerjude" which translates to "stupid jew", I'm surprised he's not been banned yet, even though I think I tried to report it to YT staff :P

    And for this very occasion, I made a special episode:

    So, thanks for IC, Al and... fix your mod, eh? ;)


    I think they made more sense in IC1, when generators did not stop generating energy when none was needed. But then again, they store 864,000 EU (13,500 EU x Stack of 64 cells) without using diamonds, good for an early game.

    I get this error with the server:
    I've tryed adding a "z" in front of the filename but doesn't work on my Linux server, think this is becaouse ModLoaderMp doesn't load mods in alpabetic order. Any fix for this, eventually Zippinus/cpw, could you try fix this?

    I was able to solve it by copying the contents of the IC2 jar into the minecraft server jar (same with buildcraft), that made it load them before any addons. It's been so frustrating. :(

    But... About that issue with the batbox... You can just put something in the batbox slot, so buckets won't go in it. Actually, this happened automatically - the bucket was in this slot, and there are no way to put the second one into that slot.

    About evenly-splitting scheme - do you know, that the iron pipe can't output items to the wooden pipe? So, if you'll replace the pipe just next to the input of your iron pipe, you won't need the complicated (or not very complicated) scheme with the counter. But, there are may be an issue with the pipe connection - your system is too compact ^_~

    I was afraid that if there was something in the batbox's inventory slot, the next item that randomly and accidentally trying to go into the batbox would drop out of the pipe instead and decay after 5 minutes. That might be what happened to the missing bucket, I assumed later.

    Hm but if I connect a wooden pipe to the input side of the iron pipe, something still needs to toggle the iron pipe's output, preferably in a controlled manner :) I couldn't think of something simpler and more compact yet, though I will be revising the opposite side of it.

    The explosion.. hm still a mystery, someone suggested it was because the MV Transformer was not connected to an MFE and could not discharge, therefore it exploded. I'm pretty sure I flipped the lever so it would collect EU and send a MV pulse out the 3-dotted face, and I was overly careful while placing it :D ... it was so cool in slow-mo, that I added that scene to the end of the video, and my slow-mo laugh sounds evil :P

    It is indeed 144 x 144 blocks around you, 9 chunks into each direction (10x10), that are being kept "active" but I was also told by a skilled programmer that in SSP, chunks will not get unloaded once you've been in them, can't confirm the latter though.

    I guess I did say that =)

    And yes, I totally got the infinite lava thing wrong, it would be used up if it wasn't modded but I didn't notice, so it would need to be maintained. I'm already thinking about a good alternative involving pumps and a certain other type of generators, working much like the sandstone producing machine =)

    I'm glad you like it so far, thank you. That said, episode 7 is finally out! A new dream awaits, as well as a new project that I think turned out great, and a small surprise.

    I like watching what you're doing very much, I even like watching how people start out in a new world, even though I don't like starting over myself. I started a series on my own and you're way ahead of me technologically, so I learn a lot of things I haven't seen before in IC2 specifically, helping me to plan ahead ;)

    I'm sure someone said this before but it would be really nice if you could improve the volume of your voice in your recordings and reduce the static :)

    I can also recommend downloading the "quiter sounds" package from the official release thread of IC2, it helped me a lot to balance out the volume of my voice and background music against the sound effects. At first I thought it doesn't use the volume settings of Minecraft, but it turned out that the sound effects are just really loud.

    Keep it up!


    I hope it's alright if i throw this in here. I've started a new LP series about a week ago, using IndustrialCraft2 along with SpaceToad's BuildCraft and RedPower which will be the three mods I'll most probably never remove throughout the series. It's starting a bit slow but I felt that if I include the first hours in the new world, I can come back in a year and indulge myself in nostaliga ;)

    I'm still new to this and work in improving myself and the episodes each and every single time, please bear with my brainfarts I seem to have every now and again heh. It probably starts getting more interesting from episode 4 onwards where I'd build a small geothermal powerplant, but not just slamming down a pump and glue a few generators on it and call it a powerplant, that wouldn't be something that satisfy me.

    Feel free to comment, ask, request or criticise, I can take it!

    You'll find a Playlist on YouTube for your entertainment needs as well as a thread on the MCF about it, but I'll be reading both places. :)

    Best Regards,

    Thanks for feedback. Now is uploaded recompiled version for java 6.

    I ran into the same thing and it seems that there are not verified stable releases of jre7 for all linux distributions (even though some general package is available from oracle) and nothing at all for the stupid version from apple for MacOS.

    Also, great addon! I've been wondering if there was a way a temperature readout anywhere :)

    Btw, I'm not using TMI :)

    I found something else rather interesting about my drill. I have sounds for my IC2. So when I drill, I hear the sounds on certain materials like dirt, redstone and gravel but all the ores and stones I don't hear it. When I hear the sound the drill seems to work much faster. It'll cut through redstone, gravel and dirt instantly. Yet with the other ores and stone it's slower. Similar to a iron pickaxe I think. I'll have to flip between the two and try later today.

    Hope that helps explain this bug.

    The sound playing only on certain materials is already known, you didn't read http://forum.industrial-craft.…?page=Thread&threadID=450, shame on you.


    I was trying to add some more information on the diamond drill issue, that if it was empty, it was mining as fast as if it was charged. That seems to have been true only for certain blocks.

    I had a full one and charged it with an RE Battery when it was empty, after that it could mine empty as fast as if it was full through rock, cobblestone, iron ore, tin ore, gold ore and coal, for example. Mining through dirt, gravel and redstone was really slow - more like with an iron pickaxe, it still yielded redstone dust though.

    I'm opening a new topic because I'm uncertain if these facts come to light and perhaps making the problem remain :)